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4 Water Activities to Do with Your Kids

Do you love exploring the outdoors? You can find many opportunities for family adventures by going on hikes, riding bikes and enjoying water activities. We live near quite a few lakes and rivers which are easy to access in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho area. We’ve spent many memorable hours tubing, boating and kayaking with our kids. Don’t forget the #1 rule: It’s important to keep an eye on kids around the water and wear life jackets when out on the water. These four adventurous water activities are great ways to make memories with your family in the glorious outdoors.


You can easily take your kids fishing on a lake or river if you live close to one and have the gear. Not only is fishing a serene experience, it teaches kids patience and helpful skills for successfully catching a fish. Families can enjoy fishing from the shore or take a boat or kayak out onto the river or lake. Every fishing experience can be different, depending on weather, temperature and location. Additionally, ice fishing is a novel experience you can do in the middle of winter. When fishing with kids, you can teach them simple fishing techniques and essential safety basics. Kids will be excited to learn how to carefully bait a hook, cast a line and successfully reel in a fish when they catch something. Fishing also allows you to spend one-on-one time with your child and spark meaningful conversations.

Family water activities fishing with kids

Boating & Kayaking

Taking your kids out on a boat or kayak allows them to see the world from a different point of view. Depending on your water craft and your skill level, you can go out on your local lake, down a river or even out on the ocean. If you really want to get into boating, you can learn the skills to turn a sailing hobby into a lifestyle. Before you head out on the water, it’s important you teach your child the basics for boat and water safety. Have intentional conversations with your kids about how to act on the boat or kayak and how be safe. Make sure kids and teenagers always wear a life jacket, regardless of swimming skill level. Also, always keep an eye on your kids. According to SHW Law, a Florida boating accident lawyer, “While it’s often hard to prevent a boating accident from occurring, it’s easy to help your loved ones understand what to do on the water to remain safe in any condition.”

Family water activities kayaking down a river

Going to the Beach

The beach offers a variety of relaxing family activities even if it’s not hot enough to go swimming. You can take your kids on a walk, collect sea shells, play beach volleyball or just enjoy the view. We’ve visited Pacific Northwest beaches several times in colder weather and it’s always a fun experience. Many beaches have scenic hiking trails that run alongside the water’s edge. Alternatively, if the weather is nice enough to enjoy the water, you can bring all the fun beach activities with you. You can also ask your kids which beach activities they enjoy the most so you can bring the necessary toys and gear.


Tubing is another great way to enjoy the water at your own speed. You can enjoy relaxing and soaking up the sun’s warm rays while tubing down a river. It can take several hours to float down just a few miles of river. Make sure to plan ahead and park a vehicle where you plan on landing so you don’t end up stranded. Our family has enjoyed many river tubing adventures with friends and our young kids. If you enjoy a faster speed, you can go tubing behind a boat on a lake. It’s very important for adults and kids to wear life jackets while tubing behind a boat. You can easily fall off while tubing, often in tumultuous water. Young kids can go tubing with an adult, while older kids can go by themselves as long as they know how to hold on properly and how to respond if they fall off the tube.

Getting out on the water with your kids is a fun way to create memories and spend time together. We’ve enjoyed many of these activities on our family camping trips. Even at home, it’s invigorating to get out for a few hours and enjoy a sunny day at the river, lake or ocean.


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