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5 Helpful Tips for Successful Breastfeeding

5 Helpful Tips for Successful Breastfeeding

If you are able, breastfeeding is a precious opportunity to bond with your baby especially during the newborn stage. After having 3 kids, I have discovered several tips to create a successful and peaceful breastfeeding routine. These five ideas have worked for me but every mama and baby have a different experience. I’d love to hear your own breastfeeding tips too!

My forth baby is due in only a few short months! I am looking forward to hearing her sweet newborn sounds, smelling her new-baby smell and holding her close. Some of the sweetest moments of bonding between mama and baby can be the time spent nursing your sweet little one.

Milkmaid Goods nursing cover for breastfeeding moms - Mommy Scene

#1. Find a spot where you and baby feel relaxed

Baby can sense if you feel tense so be sure to make yourself comfortable. Breastfeeding is a precious time for bonding and should be enjoyed by both of you! I often feel more relaxed in a quiet corner or room and babies who are easily distracted by noise can nurse better where it is quiet. A nursing cover like the Nursing Poncho by Milkmaid Goods can be a huge help! A well-designed full-coverage cover like this one can help you feel relaxed (and modest), as well as keep visual distractions away from baby. I love that the nursing poncho is lightweight and breathable, so it works well in all 4 seasons.  It also converts to become a car seat cover and comes in a variety of trendy prints! So cool!

Milkmaid Goods nursing cover - Mommy Scene

#2. Find a comfortable nursing position

Try out different positions for holding your baby until you find the one that is the most comfortable. Nursing pillows can provide great support and prevent back pain for you during the first few months. Two wonderful nursing support pillows are the Back Buddy Support Pillow and the Nursie arm pillow. When I don’t have my pillow with me, I like to drape a lightweight baby blanket over my arm. Back Buddy is featured in our Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide!
Back Buddy Support Pillow Gifts for mom - 2017 Moms Holiday Gift Guide

Successful Breastfeeding Tips - Invest in nursing bras & camisoles - Mommy Scene

#3. Comfortably layer with nursing bras & camisoles

A comfortable nursing bra or cami is so important! Before your little one is born, be sure to purchase a couple nursing tops for layering so that you can be comfortable during the post partum days. I highly recommend the Nourish Bra and the Nourish Cami by Belibea. The cami is a lightly padded nursing bra and cami in one! The dual-panel design keeps the cami in place while nursing or pumping. The inside panel has a unique opening that holds a pump’s breast shield, so its perfect for hands-free pumping. I like to wear a camisole underneath my shirt when nursing because it adds tummy coverage.

Beliea nursing cami for easy breastfeeding - Mommy Scene

Beliea nursing cami for easy breastfeeding and pumping - Mommy Scene

#4. Invest in a good breast pump

Working moms and stay-at-home moms alike should have a reliable pump. As a work-at-home mom I don’t have a need to pump on a daily basis but I am very thankful for the freedom my pump provides me! It is healthy for moms to spend time away from baby, even if it’s only an hour or two. New moms can take a break by getting their hair or nails done at the beauty salon, getting a postpartum massage, enjoying a mom’s night out, or going on a date night with the hubby! Knowing that your little one has a full bottle at home will help mama enjoy her time away without worry! The Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump is my favorite portable electric breast pump.

Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump - Mommy Scene

Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump Highlights

Here are some reasons why the Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump is so great:

  • Single or Double Pumping Options.
  • Ten expression and massage levels.
  • Weighs less than 1 lb, so its extremely portable.
  • Comes with a re-chargeable battery with a 2.5 hr battery life.
  • Quiet motor for discreet pumping.
  • Closed system prevents back-flow and keeps the system clean.

I can easily bring all this stuff along on a weekend trip or keep it close at hand at home for flexible baby feedings while still maintaining my breastfeeding routine. Shop the Motif Duo on Amazon!

Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump for busy moms - Mommy Scene

#5. Buy heat therapy relief packs

There will be times when you will not be ready to nurse but you will feel your milk let down! Hearing a baby cry or even just thinking about your baby can cause this to happen. A milk let down is your body’s natural response. Nursing pads will save the day (and your shirt) from accidental leaks! I like to use reusable nursing pads when I am at home but I prefer the disposable ones when I go out. As an added comfort, I can use reusable breastfeeding relief packs to not only block moisture but enjoy moist heat therapy and hands-free natural relief from nursing discomfort.

Rachel's Remedy Breastfeeding Relief Packs - Mommy Scene

Baby gift idea! Sophie the Giraffe baby teether is a darling baby’s first toy.

Rachel’s Remedy Breastfeeding Relief Packs are a must-have for nursing moms. They are the only FDA-cleared moist-heat and cooling solution that can be worn in any bra and can help increase milk supply and relieve and prevent mastitis, clogged ducts, nipple pain, engorgement and more. These reusable Relief Packs easily slip into any bra and provide moist heat for immediate on-the-go breastfeeding relief. A waterproof barrier keeps your clothing dry. Rachel’s Remedy is featured in our Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Rachels Remedy Dr Browns breastfeeding relief pads - Mommy Scene Holiday Gift Guide

Rachel's Remedy Reusable Breastfeeding Relief Packs - Mommy Scene

I hope you found these 5 tips helpful for creating a successful breastfeeding routine! Please let us know in the comments below if you have any breastfeeding tips you would add to this list. Your comments are always valuable!

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Candy Rachelle

These are great tips for a mom to be. I will definitely share this to my friend who is giving birth this December. It will help her a lot.

Angela Ricardo Bethea
Angela Ricardo Bethea

These products an tips are undeniably useful! If you want to fed the baby well and for you to have a peaceful day, these tips are definitely needed to be done.

Shubhada Bhide
Shubhada Bhide

These are really helpful tips for new mommies. Breastfeeding is really hard, these products look great. I will definitely recommend these to my friend!


These look like great products for breastfeeding! A friend just delivered, I will tell her about these

Courtney Blacher

These tips are really useful, I need to share this with my sister who is mom-to-be.


wow so cute i want to be a mother in the next year


I will certainly have to keep these in mind when I am a parent. Thanks for the tips!

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Good tips. I love how improved the products have gotten. I am going to bookmark and share this post. I found it very helpful.


These are some great nursing tips. I’m definitely going to check out that pump with our next LO.

corinne & kirsty

That’s a lot of equipment you have. I haven’t had babies yet so I really am not familiar with the topic but it is always good to know


Good tips. I agree with you, finding the quiet place and having the support pillow makes a lot of difference, makes both mom and child comfortable. The nursing bra is such a life saver.

Emily Terrell

Breastfeeding was pretty difficult my first and even second times around. I’m so glad to see how much better the products have gotten!


Good tips. I can incorporate it to my teaching session to my patients. Thank you. Very useful