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5 Newborn Essentials for Every Mom

Who would have thought a cute little baby could need so many things? When I was registering for my baby shower I felt like the list of things I could add to my registry list was endless. Here are some of my proven basics that helped me in the early days with a newborn baby.

Baby Butz Cream

Baby Butz Cream was formulated by a mother who desperately wanted to find a safe, natural solution for her son’s terrible re-occurring diaper rash. Working with a Consulting Research Chemist she formulated a cream that would both heal and prevent diaper rash quickly, safely and effectively.

5 Newborn Essentials for Every Mom - Baby Butz Cream

Baby Butz Cream has a very thick and creamy consistency. It goes on baby’s bottom nice and thick so it really stays in place to protect baby’s bum from dampness and irritation, even overnight. When I first started to use Baby Butz Cream my son had just started to develop a little redness. After one day of using the cream the redness was gone and it hasn’t returned (I’ve been applying it about every-other diaper change and always at night). Baby Butz Cream is 100% guaranteed to be effective at relieving the pain caused by diaper rash and healing the rash itself. Baby Butz Cream should heal a minor diaper rash within 6 hours and a more severe rash within 24 hours. It works to relieve the pain instantly.

Hydrating Baby Butz Cream for new babies - Mommy Scene

Baby Butz doesn’t contain any fragrances. It’s also paraben and gluten free making it very gentle and non-irritating for babies with sensitive skin. It’s made with four simple ingredients; cornstarch, zinc oxide, highly-refined petroleum and lanolin. Cornstarch helps to keep baby’s skin dry while lanolin and petroleum create a barrier against moisture. The zinc oxide is very effective at promoting healing and treating the pain of a rash. Baby Butz Cream is not only effective at treating rashes but also safe for daily and continual use to prevent rashes from reoccurring.

Natural Baby Butz Cream for new babies and diaper rashes - Mommy Scene

I have also used this cream to treat the irritation that sometimes develops in the rolls of my chunky baby’s skin under his neck. After gently washing and thoroughly drying his neck I dab a bit of this cream in his creases to keep them dry and help the redness heal. It’s worked great for this purpose!

Baby Undersocks

Baby Undersocks were also designed by a mom; she was trying to solve the problem of lost baby socks and cold toesies. Anyone who has a baby knows that cute little socks just don’t stay on baby feet very well. These Baby Undersocks are a great solution for keeping baby’s feet and legs warm and cozy during the cold weather season.

5 Newborn Essentials for Every Mom - Baby Undersocks

Baby Undersocks are composed from pants attached to socks. The pants have an elastic waistline and the fabric is a very soft bamboo/cotton thermal, which is breathable but warm to keep baby comfortable. The attached socks are made of a thick cotton and have cute little paw print no-slip grips to help keep babies safe as they begin walking.

Baby Undersocks designed by a mom - Mommy Scene

Baby Undersocks can be worn alone or under other clothing as an extra layer of warmth. In addition to keeping socks on his feet, I like how they keep my baby’s legs from being exposed when his little pants ride up while being carried around. Also, they come in three different colors: blue, pink or white to match with any outfit. I appreciate how Undersocks are more gender neutral and a less restrictive option for layering than tights would be.

Mom invented Baby Undersocks for new babies - Mommy Scene

If you are living in a colder climate, a pair of these would make an excellent addition to your baby’s wardrobe. Even in sunny SoCal I’ve used these undersocks under his outfits to keep him warm on chilly nights out. He’s also worn them alone as pajama pants.

Baby Undersocks seem to be a very well-made product; I’ve washed them dozens of times and they have held up perfectly. The quality bamboo thermal fabric stays very soft even after multiple washings and I’ve seen no issues with seams unraveling. This cute baby sock solution is a practical, cute, and comfortable way to make sure socks aren’t lost and to keep your little one warm whether playing at home or while out and about with mom.

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle

The MAM Anti-Colic Bottle is designed to help breastfeeding babies transition smoothly back and forth from mom to bottle. The patented vented base of this bottle helps to reduce the amount of air that is swallowed as baby drinks. This prevents extra gassiness and colic symptoms in baby. It’s made from non-toxic, BPA-free materials and the MAM Ultra Soft Silicone Nipple is really very soft and is designed to feel like mom to a baby.

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle - Mommy Scene

The MAM Anti-Colic Bottle comes in either a 6oz or an 8oz size. As baby grows there are multiple sized nipples available so that you can have the best milk flow for baby. A size one, slow-flow nipple is included with the bottle.

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle is microwavable - Mommy Scene

The bottle is “self-sterilizing” and it can be sanitized easily in a microwave by screwing the top part into the bottom of the bottle, adding water and heating for just 3 minutes. I found that even though there are multiple parts they are all very easy to clean. The bottle is wide enough to easily scrub with a bottle brush as well.

5 Newborn Essentials for Every Mom - MAM Anti-Colic Bottle

As a breastfeeding mom who occasionally uses a bottle when leaving baby with dad or a sitter, I appreciate bottles that emulate the feel of breastfeeding as much as possible. This makes it easier for my baby to be flexible for feedings. This bottle is very well designed and does a great job at reducing colic symptoms. I love the attractive look and the shape as it is easy to hold and clean. This MAM bottle would be a great choice for occasional bottle feedings or for exclusively bottle-fed babies because of the great anti-colic design.

MAM is a company that has been developing innovative baby products for over 35 years. They create products that are attractively designed and yet extremely functional. They work with a variety of scientists, midwives, and experts in medicine and child psychology in order to product the best quality of products for both mom and baby.

Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle

HALO Sleep Sack Swaddles make swaddling your baby easy and they are safe alternative to traditional blankets. These new 100% cotton muslin swaddles are perfect for summer swaddling! Being started by father who lost his first born to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) Halo is company that is dedicated first and foremost to the health, safety and well being of babies. They specialize in sleeping products for little ones that are comfortable and most importantly safe for your sleeping baby.

Muslin HALO Sleep Sack Swaddle - Mommy Scene review

The soft muslin fabric is extraordinarily breathable but the double layer makes it stable and gives a secure fit. The lightness of the muslin swaddles makes them perfect choice for summer or warm climate swaddling. There are many different colors and cute styles to choose from too!

How to swaddle baby in HALO Muslin Sleep Sack Swaddle - Mommy Scene review

These sleep sack swaddles are designed to adapt to your baby’s sleep style by allow baby’s arms to be position three different ways, depending on what your baby prefers. The two “wings” are tucked and wrapped around your baby’s upper body and secured with Velcro so they won’t come loose during the night. Here Baby H liked the “Hands to Face” position where his arms are tucked in but he is still able to soothe himself by touching his face. You could also swaddle the traditional arms tucked in way or leave baby’s arms out but swaddle their chest for comfort and security. I love that the Halo Swaddles have instructions printed right inside the swaddle to make it easy to remember what you’re doing at 3AM!

Easy to secure Velcro tabs of Muslin HALO Sleep Sack Swaddle - Mommy Scene review

The bottom of the HALO Sleep Sack Swaddle is roomy enough to allow baby’s hips move and develop naturally. When changing baby’s diaper in the middle of the night you can leave their chest and arms swaddled because the zipper opens from the bottom up. I found that the HALO swaddles also hold up very well in the washing machine and dryer which is important for anything a baby is wearing often!

Swaddling is a great way to comfort and give newborns a sense of security since it helps to recreate the feeling of being snuggled tight inside the womb. It can be tricky to master a good swaddle with a loose blanket and my baby always managed to wiggle out of my swaddling. But these Halo Sleep Sack Swaddles make swaddling a breeze!  Before we swaddled Baby H in the cotton HALO Sleep Sack Swaddle he was fussy and wiggly but once we got him swaddled up he calmed right down and lay perfectly content for the photo op! They have helped him sleep better through the night, keeping him from starting himself awake. These muslin swaddles are very easy to use and are a comfortable, safe alternative to blankets which could compromise a baby’s breathing.

Bitzy Baby Bumpers

Bitzy Baby is dedicated to making every infant’s sleeping environment a safe one. The company was started by a mom and dad who were unsatisfied with the limited options for safe and functional baby crib bumpers. They saw problems with the crib bumpers they used for their first child and were determined to create a better, safer solution.

Bitzy Baby Bumpers - Mommy Scene

The design of Bitzy Baby bumpers is unlike any other bumpers I’ve seen on the market. Traditional stuffed bumpers offer a nice cushion against crib railing but they are definitely a suffocation hazard. The newer mesh bumpers allow airflow and so reduce the risk of suffocation but they offer little to no cushioning against the hard crib rails. The Bitzy Baby bumper is the best of both without the problems of either! It cushions and allows the baby to breath while also preventing baby’s arms and legs from becoming entangled in the slats.

Mommy Scene - Bitzy Baby Bumper designed for safe sleeping

The Bitzy Baby bumper has innovative web-pocketed 3D inserts made of a silicon like material. The holes in these inserts allow air to flow through the bumper, reducing the risk of carbon dioxide rebreathing which is thought to be a cause of SIDS. The structure these inserts give the bumper provide a cushion to protect baby from impact against the hard crib rails. The inserts can be removed from the bumper, allowing the outside shell to be easily machine washed. The inserts themselves can be simply hand washed.

Mommy Scene - Bitzy Baby bumper innovative breahtable inserts

I appreciate how the Bitzy Baby bumper is also designed to be collapsible to prevent more mobile babies from using the bumper as leverage to climb out of the crib, making it a safe option for older babies as well as infants.

I also really love the look of this bumper; the soft natural microfiber material matches perfectly with my baby’s bedding. It is attached to the crib with natural cotton ties that I think give the crib a very sweet look. There are several color options for the trim/ties of the bumper so you can find one that best matches your baby’s bedding and color theme. The bumper comes in four sections which are easy to attach and fit onto your crib. Bitzy Baby bumpers are made to fit all standard size cribs.

Mommy Scene - Bitzy Baby flexible bumper

Bitzy Baby Crib Bumper Features:

  • Breathable: 30x less suffocation risk compared to other types of bumpers.
  • Preventive: Keeps little legs and arms from becoming entangled in crib slats.
  • Cushioned: 3D web-pocketed inserts provide cushioning against the hard crib slats.
  • Collapsable: The bumper will fold down under the weight of a child attempting to use the bumper as leverage to climb.
  • Easy to Clean: The microfiber shell is machine washable and inserts are easily wiped clean with a cloth.
  • Versatile: Neutral color of the natural microfiber material plus 4 trim-color options makes it easy to match a variety of bedding styles.

Exceeding the CPSIA and ASTM safety standards the Bitzy Baby bumper has been extensively and independently tested to ensure the safest bumper possible for your baby. Made in the USA this bumper is made of high quality materials and is built sturdy to withstand use and washings. I have been using this bumper for a few weeks now and wish I had it from the beginning! I feel confident in the safety of this product and love the look of it in my baby’s nursery.

I hope you enjoyed some of my top picks for any baby registry list! These great items meet a basic need for caring your your baby and have made my life a lot more organized and convenient!

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Katie Smith
Katie Smith
3 years ago

I got the MAM anti-colic bottle at a Babies R Us baby shower thing and my baby loves it. I have to get him some more!

Katie S
Katie S
3 years ago

I could probably register for many of these things for my baby shower. My baby will love them!

Tina M
Tina M
3 years ago

Swaddles were a lifesaver when my daughter was born. Since you can’t use blankets and it gets cold in Michigan, they were perfect.

Terry M
Terry M
3 years ago

I want some of the baby undersocks because I want to see if they will stay on my baby’s feet .

3 years ago

Love these ideas, especially the crib bumper!