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Bella B Body Care Review

Bella B Bodycare is an all natural line of body care products created especially for mom and baby. I have used some of their natural skincare products designed especially for expecting moms and I received a set of Bella B Bee Gone Cradle Cap Shampoo and Bella B Silky Hair Conditioner which I’ve loved using for my little boy! Founded in 1999, Bella B is committed to crafting safe and natural products made with organic ingredients for both babies and mothers during and after pregnancy.

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I appreciate the variety of items Bella B offers. There are prenatal and postnatal body care items for mom such as tummy honey butter for stretch marks, foaming tea tree face wash, and even a breastfeeding massage oil for nursing! For babies there are all kinds of skin and bath care items as well as chest rubs and bug repellent! All Bella B products are made with natural and organic ingredients such as honey, beeswax, avocado oil, tee tree oil, and oatmeal. You won’t have to worry about nasty chemicals or preservatives because there are no parabens, lanolin, petroleum, or harsh chemicals used in Bella B products. With their great selection of natural products made with organic ingredients, Bella B Bodycare has something for everyone to keep you healthy, clean and glowing gently and naturally.

Bella B Bodycare Natural Cradle Cap Baby Shampoo and Conditioner - Mommy Scene Review

I have been using the Bee Gone Cradle Cap Shampoo and Silky Conditioner for Hair on my little guy for a couple weeks now. Cradle cap is a nasty skin condition that usually effects babies at some point another. My toddler has sensitive skin and still gets dry flaky skin on his scalp from time to time so I was looking forward to trying both these products on him! First of all, I loved the fresh, clean and mild scent that the Cradle Cap Bee Gone Shampoo has. All their products I have used have very light, pleasant, natural smelling scents that are not over powering. This is a great thing for babies who can be sensitive to artificial perfumes and expecting moms who tend to be overly sensitive to smells! The Cradle Cap Bee Gone Shampoo foams up nicely when washing his hair and rinses clean easily. Though it doesn’t specifically state that it’s “tear-free” it hasn’t seemed to bother my little guy at all even if it washes over his face while rinsing. It contains moisturizing ingredients such as aloe, vitamin E, and Shea butter to help condition and hydrate the scalp as well as tea tree oil for healthy scalp care. It’s gentle on baby’s sensitive skin and can be used as often as needed as a treatment for cradle cap or to keep baby’s scalp healthy and free from itchy dry flakes.

Bella B Bodycare and Baby Shampoo - Mommy Scene Review

The Silky Conditioner For Hair is designed to be used on anyone in the whole family. It’s safe for baby and (as I found out) works wonderfully for mommas as well! I found the conditioner to be very moisturizing but at the same time it’s not too heavy. My toddler’s hair is so much softer after his bath when I use this conditioner. It helps tame the craziness of his hair and makes his little head silky smooth, which is irresistible to rub and kiss! After using these products for a couple weeks I was pleased to see that the little bit of dry patches he had on the top of his head have cleared up and not returned! His scalp is visibly healthier looking.

Bella B Bodycare Baby with Soft Hair and Healthy Scalp - Mommy Scene Review

Since the conditioner made his hair look and feel so soft I decided to try it for myself too. I love it. My hair is crazy. It’s not straight but not curly. It frizzes easily and can go crazy in humidity. This conditioner has made it easier to brush out my hair after a shower and leaves it softer to the touch without weighing it down.  It makes the ends looks smoother and healthier as well (even though I really need a hair cut to get rid of the dead ends, but who has time for that?). The conditioner says it can also be used as a leave-in treatment which would make this a great natural de-tangler for little girls with longer hair that can be hard to comb out!

Bella B Bodycare Toddler Playing With Classic Pooh Bear - Mommy Scene Review
My toddler thought Pooh Bear needed some silky conditioner too!

Bella B Bodycare Shampoo & Conditioner Highlights

  • Natural and made with organic ingredients
  • Safe for both baby and mom
  • Moisturizes and conditions hair and scalp to get rid of stubborn cradle cap
  • Can be used daily or as needed
  • Fresh pleasant scent (not too strong for baby or pregnant moms)
  • Rinses Clean
  • Conditioner can be used as a leave in treatment for de-tangling as well
  • NO parabens, animal by-products, or harsh chemicals used
  • Made in the USA

Bella B Bodycare shampoo and conditioner helps cradle cap - Mommy Scene Review

If you are looking for paraben-free skin care without artificial ingredients or fillers, Bella B Bodycare is a wonderful natural alternative that is safe for the whole family to use. I found their products to be both luxurious and effective. I loved using their Cradle Cap Bee Gone Shampoo and Silky Conditioner For Hair on my toddler and plan to use them with my newborn as well since they are so gentle and free from any harsh ingredients. I would definitely recommend both of these products as a preventive and healing treatment for cradle cap or to keep your little one’s hair healthy and tangle-free.  I’ve also loved their products made just for mom which are designed with expecting and nursing moms in mind to provide natural, luxurious body care that will pamper, heal and keep you glowing through out all stages of motherhood. I personally think an assortment of their products designed for post-postpartum use would make a wonderfully thoughtful gift for any new mom! Check out Bella B Bodycare’s full line of natural products for yourself or find a special gift for the expecting mom in your life.

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