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Cloth Diapering on a Budget

Cloth Diapering on a Budget

It’s no secret that cloth diapering is the cheaper route in the long run for the average family. But if you are starting out with cloth diapering, the initial start-up cost can be a little overwhelming to moms on a strict budget. How’s a mom to choose between Eco-friendly and budget-friendly? Thankfully, cloth diapering on a budget is possible. Here are a few quick tips to get you started.

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Plan Ahead

If you’re expecting a baby and planning to cloth diaper, think ahead. Buy a cloth diaper here or there when you can and as your budget allows before baby arrives.  Many moms like to pick up a favorite print from their favorite brands who regularly release new styles. A $10 to $20 cloth diaper every few weeks is certainly a much easier purchase to swallow than a $200 to $300 cloth diaper stash.

Buttons Diapers modern cloth diapers for babies and kids sherwood print - Mommy Scene

Much of my cloth diaper stash is from Buttons Diapers, an affordable family-owned company that designs modern cloth diapers and snap-in inserts in a variety of styles. I love their simple cloth diaper covers that are adjustable for babies 0-24 months, and come in so many adorable prints and solid colors! You’ll have a hard time choosing your favorite pattern.

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Buttons Cloth Diaper super covers come in many modern prints - Mommy Scene

Buttons Diapers cloth covers come in three sizes; Newborn, standard One Size, and Super for kids who are potty training. Each cover is interchangeable with Buttons Diapers microfiber, hemp, and bamboo inserts, also available in daytime and nighttime doubler styles. This cloth diaper system is easy to use and also interchange with other similar diaper brand styles.

Buttons Diapers make cloth diapering affordable and easy - Mommy Scene

Buttons Diapers are great training pants for toddlers super flower print - Mommy Scene

Buttons Diapers most recently introduced the “Super” diaper size, which fits bigger kids and also doubles as great training pants for the potty training stage. We’ve spent so much money on disposable pull-ups and it’s nice finding reusable alternatives for 3 and 4-year-olds. These Super diapers are just like the One Size diaper style but they are bit more roomy and fit the XL inserts. All the covers are easy to adjust with rows of sizing and riser snaps.

Buttons Diapers are easy to adjust with rows of snaps - Mommy Scene

Buttons Diapers also regularly releases new cover prints so you can easily add to your stash over time. This helps save money and not blow the budget if you just buy a new diaper each month. The cloth diaper covers and inserts are priced very affordably.

Buy Used Cloth Diapers

One of the great money saving benefits of using cloth is that you can buy gently used cloth diapers secondhand and even sell your stash after baby is finished using them. After 3 kids, some of my cloth diapers are fairly far gone but I do have some that I could still sell. Buying used cloth diapers can be a great way to build your stash for much less, and you can get cloth diaper patterns from past seasons that are no longer available new!

Modern Buttons Diapers cloth diaper covers and inserts - Mommy Scene

Mix & Match Covers & Inserts

Cloth diaper covers can be reused several times between washes if the insert is just lightly wet. Just remove the insert and swap it out with a new cloth diaper insert when you  change your baby. This means you can have 10 covers and 20 inserts for two days of cloth diapering.

Use Reusable Wipes

Disposable diapers and wipes can really add up in cost, especially when you have several kids. Reusable wipes are easy to lander with your cloth diapers and you can use them over and over. Mix up a cloth wipe solution with water, coconut oil, baby shampoo and a few drops of lavender essential oil.

Buttons Diapers for modern babies dapper print - Mommy Scene

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Don’t Go Overboard

Collecting cloth diapers can become quite addictive. It’s easy to get caught up in buying all the diapers but if your sole reason for cloth diapering is to save money remember a modest stash is all you NEED!

What is your favorite thing about cloth diapering?

Buttons Diapers flower print - Mommy Scene

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Buttons are the favorite in our house! So cute and affordable!

Angie B
Angie B

I have only considered Buttons for cloth diapering. I love how affordable they are and cute! It’s a good too to buy a diaper every other week or so. I think that would cut down on the up front cost.


These are so cute. Cloth diapers are so much cheaper in the long run and so good for the environment.

Kanani Stone

I wish I’d had something like this to read when any of my four kids were in the diaper stage. Whenever I read about the cloth diapers it seemed so cumbersome and pricey…I never gave it a shot! It’s wonderful you’re giving such a perspective to moms!

Jasmine Hewitt

we’ve been doing cloth for almost 2 years now and such a good investment! I also didnt buy all of my stash with one brand, because you don t know what wil work for you and what doesnt

Kristi File

These are adorable! And seem totally cost-effective! I wish I would have looked further into cloth diapering before having my son. Thanks for sharing!

Mommy Scene - Parenting, Babies and More!

It’s never too late to start cloth diapering!


I started by entering those weekly giveaways cloth diapers store and brands have. I finally won a $50 gift card to purchase diapers and then made prefolds from my husband’s old undershirts. I had a beginner stash for less than $5

Mommy Scene - Parenting, Babies and More!

Good idea! I love mixing and matching different styles of diapers. Pocket diapers fit most inserts and PUL covers like these work with a variety of insets. It makes sorting laundry easy.


I love reading introductions to cloth that don’t make it sound like it has to cost a fortune and turn into an expensive habit! Great tips!

Mommy Scene - Parenting, Babies and More!

You can definitely save money using cloth and not spend too much money!