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6 Eco-Friendly Diaper Bag Essentials

When you’re stocking your diaper bag, it’s helpful to do so with items that are friendly to the environment. The young family stage may seem to produce loads of trash and disposable discards, but these practical diaper bag essentials make it possible to reuse your gear and conserve a little each day.

One Bottle, Many Uses

Did you know you can use one bottle for several stages your child will go though? Keep beverages cool or hot with Pacific Baby stainless steel baby bottles that also convert to toddler sippy cups and beyond.

Perfect for infants all the way through toddlerhood and preschool, these plastic-free bottles can also be slipped into a lunchbox as a drink that will be cool (or hot) hours later. Pacific Baby bottles are compatible with several attachments that allow them to transform with your child’s needs.

Pacific Baby stainless steel baby bottle with sippy top - Mommy Scene

Babies can drink through the nipple mouthpiece which seals against the durable top ring and screws on tightly. Pacific Baby bottles are a great option for holding breast milk and formula, as well as regular milk once a baby turns one year old.

Toddlers can enjoy milk and juice in these bottles converted to sippy cups using either the Pacific Baby top and handle set or the toddler drink top. Either top works equally well for toddlers to help themselves to a refreshing beverage. The toddler drink top folds down to prevent spills while the bottle is not in use. The bottle’s stainless steel interior is ideal for keeping milk and juice cold, as well as resisting any staining from colored liquids.

Big kids can bring water or fitness drinks to after school activities and sports practices; beverages will stay cool within the stainless steel bottle and provide refreshing hydration close at hand.

We found Pacific Baby thermal bottles to be versatile, easy to use, and simple to clean with a bottle brush. The attachments screw on tightly, and it’s convenient to use one drink container for both an infant and an older toddler. Pacific Baby stainless steel bottles are easy to take on-the-go, in the car, and to the playground without worrying about the contents overheating. Plus the colorful bottle designs will catch your little one’s eye every time!

Pacific Baby thermal bottles - Mommy Scene

Pacific Baby stainless steel bottles are thermally insulated and designed to be easy to use. The bottle has a wide mouth for easily filling and cleaning and the interior features an inner measurement scale for measuring formula.

  • Keeps liquids hot or cold up to ten hours.
  • Holds 7 ounces of liquid.
  • Perfect for travel, outings and bedside feedings.
  • Designed for use from birth to 5 years old.
  • Made from vacuum insulated 304 stainless steel.
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate-free.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Wide neck offers greater visibility.
  • Steamer and dishwasher safe on top rack.

Pacific Baby is an American designed brand based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Pacific Baby stainless steel bottles are produced to the highest safety and quality standards. These Eco-friendly bottles are a great drinking container to give as a gift or use for your own family!

Breathable Baby Basics

It’s important to use cute and safe baby gear. BreathableBaby designs mesh infant and toddler items that help create a safer nursery environment. Their blankets, crib sheets, plush animals, crib liners, and other accessories feature cute prints and uniquely designed mesh materials that take moisture and heat away from the body to maximize comfort.

The air pockets in BreathableBaby mesh baby products help reduce the risk of suffocation and re-breathing carbon dioxide, allowing maximum air to flow. BreathableBaby products come in a variety of high quality, adorable prints for both boys and girls. We received an assortment of breathable products to review.

BreathableBaby mesh nursery gear

BreathableBaby crib sheets are made from soft Breathable Wick-Dry polyester fabric that takes heat and moisture away from the body, keeping your baby at a perfect comfort level. We love the cute sheet patterns you can choose from — pirates, dots, flowers, and animals.

  • The specially developed fabric removes moisture up to 10 times better than other fabrics.
  • BreathableBaby crib sheets are super soft against baby’s skin.
  • The mesh fabric is made from 100% polyester.
  • Easily to care for and machine washable.

BreathableBaby mesh baby blankets

BreathableBaby blankets are also made with signature performance fabrics for safer snuggling. This blanket comes in several colored dot patterns. It’s already become our child’s favorite for a light summer covering throughout the night, probably because it’s a comforting blanket that doesn’t cause overheating.

  • This blanket helps prevent overheating, which is a risk factor for SIDS.
  • Its performance fabric wicks away moisture up to 10 times better than other blankets.
  • Offers safer sleep for your baby.
  • Easily cared for, machine washable, and stays soft with every wash.
  • Measures 30 in x 40 in.
  • The mesh fabric is made from 100% polyester.

BreathableBaby mesh animals are made from the same mesh performance fabric and they’re super cute! Choose from an elephant, giraffe, monkey, owl or puppy that will quickly become your child’s favorite! They are also a great size to fit into a diaper bag for taking along on adventures. Our little one loves carrying her elephant around the house. It’s also washable and doubles as a soft sound rattle that stimulates with a crinkling sound.

BreathableBaby mesh baby products and nursery essentials

BreathableBaby products are a great choice for outfitting your little one’s nursery. Developed by entrepreneurial parents Dale and Susan, these breathable products meet a crucial need for making the nursery environment a safer place without sacrificing any convenience or comfort.

WaterWipes Baby Wipes

Baby wipes made with just water? Yes, please! Many moms try to limit the amount of chemicals their babies come into contact with. This requires checking ingredients on skincare products, diaper creams, and baby wipes. WaterWipes are all-natural baby wipes made with 99.9% water and a drop of grapefruit seed extract. We found these wipes to effectively clean and moisturize, leaving behind silky smooth skin.

WaterWipes Baby Wipes

WaterWipes are a great size for wiping a baby’s bottom. They are lightly moisturized and leave behind a “slippery” feel, probably due to the grapefruit seed extract. Our little one hasn’t had any diaper rashes or red spots since I began using WaterWipes a few weeks ago. They are also unscented and provide a clean slate for applying diaper cream or baby powder.

WaterWipes are a great size for wiping a baby's bottom

I use approximately one or two wipes per diaper change, and these organic baby wipes are very sturdy, don’t tear, and easily come out of the package without clumping together. The package is also resealable and is compact in size for easily fitting in a purse or diaper bag. Each package holds 60 wipes.

WaterWipes baby wipes made with water

WaterWipes are also great for cleaning baby’s face and hands. I always keep a package in the car for wiping up spills or cleaning little fingers. These all-natural wipes are super soft and non-greasy and are a wonderful wipe for cleaning up a toddler after a snack or playing at the park. After all, WaterWipes are just pure water!

Healthy Snacks On the Go

We love making smoothies for snack time, but smoothies can get messy and they aren’t ideal for a travel snack. Those convenient little food pouches with pureed fruit are tasty but the cost can add up quickly if you buy them often. Yummi Pouch reusable food pouches offer an innovative solution for taking healthy snacks on the go. You can mix up a healthy smoothie at home, pour it into a Yummi Pouch, and screw on the cap. Enjoy a Yummi Pouch snack right away or freeze/refrigerate the pouches to enjoy later. A frozen Yummi Pouch will stay cool for up to 2 hours in your diaper bag and will be the perfect drinkable consistency once slightly defrosted.

Yummi Pouch reusable food pouches for on the go snacks - Mommy Scene

We use Yummi Pouches even at home for my toddlers who love smoothies but don’t quite have the skills to drink from a cup without spilling. My preschooler loves enjoying an outdoor snack in a Yummi Pouch. You can fill Yummi Pouch reusable food pouches with yogurt, pureed fruits and veggies, or even chocolate pudding as convenient drinkable snacks for kids.

Yummi Pouch reusable food pouches are dishwasher safe - Mommy Scene

Once empty, you can easily clean Yummi Pouches in the dishwasher or by hand washing. Just open the pouch, fully expand it, and place it upside down over two of the prongs in the dishwasher. Or scrub out the pouch with a bottle brush, rinse and allow it to air dry with the pouch fully expanded. Yummi Pouches help make healthy snacks easy and low-mess.

Hypoallergenic Baby Teethers

Once you think you have it all figured out with your baby’s routine, along comes teething. Toofeze is a uniquely designed teether that provides a baby with cooling relief and a sanitary surface to chomp on. The silicone ring is attached to a stainless steel disk that can be cooled in a cup of ice water. Toofeze teethers come in several colors and can even be engrave as a custom gift!

Toofeze baby teether can be cooled in ice water - Mommy Scene

I like Toofeze teethers because my little guy can hold onto the teether himself, even from a young age. The stainless steel disk is a natural place to comp on and it’s smooth and cooling to a baby’s tender gums. This baby teether was designed by a problem-solving mom to effectively provide teething relief!

Toofeze silicone and stainless steel baby teether - Mommy Scene

Fashionably Green Diapers

I couldn’t conclude our Eco-friendly diaper bag basics without mentioning cloth diapers! Cloth diapering isn’t for everyone, but if you can get into a regular cleaning routine it’s not hard at all! I think babies look adorable in cloth diapers because of the pretty patterns and oversized-bum. Buttons Diapers makes  an affordable all-in-two cloth diaper system for modern babies.

Buttons cloth diapers for modern babies

The PUL covers are adjustable and come in a wide range of solid colors and gorgeous patterns, plus the family-owned company is constantly releasing new patterns! Buttons Diapers daytime and nighttime inserts snap into the PUL covers, so everything stays in place and you can even reuse covers throughout the day. Buttons Diapers also offers hemp and bamboo inserts in addition to the classic microfiber cloth diaper inserts.

Buttons 2-in-1 cloth diapers for modern babies

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What is your favorite item on our Eco-friendly diaper bag basics list? It’s easy to go-green and purchase high quality baby items that you can use for multiple stages, helping you save money and reduce household trash.

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Michelle T
Michelle T
2 years ago

I really want one of these teethers when my little guy starts teething! It looks like it would work wonders! Also cool Yummi Pouches and great idea.

2 years ago

I appreciate your recommendations for baby products!

2 years ago

That stainless teether is such a unique design! My little one is constantly chewing on things lol.

Melissa E.
Melissa E.
3 years ago

These are such amazing ideas. I’m so grateful for all the products out there that can help me create a safe and comfortable environment for my child. I will be looking more into these.

3 years ago

I really like the BreathableBaby products. Its one of the best ideas I have seen! Now I need to get out and see if I can find them in Canada, since we are so late in getting neat items such as this. Thanks for the info!

3 years ago

I’ve seen a lot of post about these WaterWipes, and before then it never occurred to me what wipes actually have in them. This is a great product. You can use it for anything! I like that they are unscented. Thanks!