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Irresistible Baby Girl Finds

Irresistible Baby Girl Finds

I was so excited when I found out I was having my first daughter. I knew I would be hopelessly in love with her from the start and I was also excited to shop for tutus, hair bows and adorable baby shoes. Now I’ve been around the block a few times and I have two girls and one boy. Here are my top picks for baby girls; perfect for baby showers, birthdays, or just pampering your little princess.

DIY Baby Foot Flowers

There are not many things that are cuter than baby feet and baby foot flower accessories only add to their cuteness. Baby foot flowers are easy to make for your little girl, all you need is a few supplies — ribbon, elastic, and a sparkly accent or two.

DIY Baby Foot Flowers - Mommy Scene

Craft Materials

Colorful fold-over elastic
Small accents, flowers, or rhinestones
Thread and needle
Hot glue gun

Adorable flower accessories for baby feet - Mommy Scene

To make baby foot flowers, sew together symmetrical loops of ribbon to create a flower or star-like design. Anchor each ribbon loop to the others with a few stitches, tying off the thread once the ribbon flower is complete.

How to make baby foot flower accessories - Mommy Scene

Hot glue a decorative accent or small silk flower to the middle of the ribbon flower. Turn the ribbon flower over and hot glue the fold-over elastic to the flower in a symmetrical X pattern.

Easy DIY Baby Foot Flowers - Mommy Scene

You can create baby foot flowers to match any outfit or color combination. These cute baby foot flowers are especially adorable for infant photo shoots that often include at least a few photos that focus on baby feet and toes.

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Easily make these darling baby foot flower accessories - Mommy Scene

Coordinate with a Hair Clip

Make a coordinating hair clip to go with your baby foot flowers. We used the same ribbon and decorative accent to create an adorable hair clip. Simply hot glue ribbon to the outside of a hair clip and glue the decorative accent to to the top.

You could create a whole set of baby foot flowers and hair clips using any color combination you’d like. These make great gifts for a baby shower, or just make them as special accessories for your own little one — made with love.

DIY baby foot flower accessories and hair clip - Mommy Scene

Gorgeous Baby Girl Diaper Bag

A baby girl needs lots of stuff. I quickly discovered it’s important to have a reliable diaper bag for carrying all those extra clothes, diapers, wipes, diaper cream, teethers and accessories. I loved using my Bumble Collection  “Amber” Tote in Modern Floral. This diaper bag is chic, perfectly detailed and complete with magnetic closures, accessory pockets, a soil-proof changing pad and a roomy main storage space.

The Bumble Collection floral diaper bag for baby girls - Mommy Scene

I love the simple style of these bags, the extensive storage pockets, the durable material and the adorable print! This is a perfect first diaper bag for a baby girl!

Modern Floral Tote Highlights

  • This Bumble Collection tote is an ideal size to hold everything a baby needs for a trip or outing. It fits all the essentials inside; powder, moisturizer, diapers, wipes, shoes and accessories with more than enough room to spare.
  • A contemporary take on a classic style that gives you the freedom to choose the function of this comfortable bag.
  • Lots of pockets to hold wipes and accessories including 2 interior bottle pockets, 2 exterior side pockets, 1 interior zipper pocket, 1 wide back magnetic pocket, 2 flat pockets under front flap and 2 flat pockets for diapers and wipes. The end pockets are an ideal size to fit a bottle or a canister of powder standing upright.
  • Measures 16 inches in length x 6 inches wide x 12 inches high.
  • Made from a sturdy wipeable material that discourages stains or wear from everyday use. The stitching and trim is very durable and also moisture resistant.

Bumble Collection Amber Tote closes with magnetic closures - Mommy Scene

The bag closes with magnetic closures, making handling easy — there’s no need to fasten any snaps or buttons. The magnetic closures actually “find each other” when the bag flap is closed, automatically clasping the bag securely shut.

The main storage space closes with a durable zipper. The bottom also expands and collapses depending on how many items are inside. A hard, removable insert helps the bag stand up and creates a flat bottom for your baby items.

Bumble Collection Amber Tote in Modern Floral - Mommy Scene

The back of the bag features a sleeve-like pocket that’s perfect to hold flat items, which also closes with a magnetic button.

This Bumble Collection diaper bag wastes no space but also doesn’t feel bulky. The bag is relatively small for all the stuff that it can hold. It hangs with a sturdy adjustable strap with a reinforced shoulder pad. The Bumble Collection’s tote is the perfect bag for the mommy of a little princess!

Speaking of little princesses…

This video of babies dressed up as Disney Princesses is SO adorable!

Hair Accessory Glue

My baby girls weren’t born with tons of hair, so I either had to accessorize them with a headband or use this gentle hair glue. I know what you’re thinking; glue a bow to a baby’s head? But Girlie Glue hair accessory glue is gentle and made from natural ingredients. Gluing on a little bow is more gentle than trying to clamp a metal clip onto thin baby hair.

Girlie glue hair accessory glue made from natural ingredients - Mommy Scene

Girlie Glue is made from Agave nectar, harmless for hair, 100% honey-free and washes away easily with water. Simply squeeze a bit of Girlie Glue onto a flower or bow and press it onto a baby’s head for an instant DIY hair style decoration. This product is perfect for infant photo shoots as well as every day use. I recommend it if you love accessorizing your baby girl’s whispy hair. We even used Girlie Glue as my daughter grew older and actually had hair!

Girlie Glue hair accessory glue - Mommy Scene

Cozy Baby Sleepers

I’ve had two winter babies and wondered how to keep them warm when they are too young to have a blanket. Swaddles work well, until they don’t want to be swaddled anymore. Babies hands can easily get icy cold and if they pull off their socks than their feet get cold too. Cozy Baby Sleepers by Revelae Kids keep a baby tucked inside with room to wiggle. Baby’s hands and feet stay cozy inside and these sleepers can be layered over a onesie as an extra “blanket” creating a secure sleep space.

Cozy Baby Blanket Sleeper - Mommy Scene

Cozy Baby Sleepers are also easy to unzip from the bottom up for middle of the night diaper changes, while baby’s chest and arms stay warm inside. I’ve also found these enclosed baby sleepers discourage baby from starting a thumb sucking habit as they sleep and they help with newborn startle reflex because baby feels secure inside, similar to the womb. My little winter babies stayed cozy and warm inside their enclosed Cozy Baby Sleeper which they wore almost every night for the first few months. These baby blanket sleepers are a great baby shower gift and baby sleeping essential.

Cozy Baby Blanket Sleeper unzips from the bottom up - Mommy Scene

What are your favorite things about getting ready for baby girl? I always enjoyed having a baby shower and decorating the nursery in the months and weeks leading up to welcoming our new baby. Whether you are decorating or stocking up on baby gear, preparing for a baby can make you feel like there is a lot to do. It’s helpful to just finish one task at a time!

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