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Darling Modern Baby Shower Ideas

One of my friends recently celebrated the anticipated birth of her baby boy with the cutest baby shower! My favorite elements are the simple decorations and “dapper” details that give this event an intimate feel; the perfect atmosphere for a celebration among friends.

Re-purposed Frappuccino bottles accented with soda straws are so sweet and whimsical. They add a modern touch to these clever drinking glasses.

Adorable boy baby shower soda glasses with straws - Mommy Scene

My favorite design element are the coordinating onesies decorating the buffet table. This is such an easy and gorgeous idea, perfect decor for celebrating a little boy!

Modern baby boy shower onesie decorations - Mommy Scene

A yummy cheese platter surrounded by impeccably sliced apples is a delicious, healthy appetizer. Cut up fresh fruit is a refreshing spring finger food, perfect to round out this light brunch.

Baby boy shower decorations cheese plate - Mommy Scene

A “wish basket” is a chic accent for a party anticipating a new entrance into the world! How cute that it’s decorated with adorable little boys socks in cool neutral hues.

Baby boy shower whimsical basket idea - Mommy Scene

Clothes pins in a cool blue basket offer a whimsical decoration on a side table. Baby’s breath and white carnations offer a soft decorative touch without being too frilly.

Baby boy shower decorations clothes pins - Mommy Scene

This shower was obviously planned with a lot of love! Celebrating a new baby is so exciting and such a wondrous event in a family’s life. What’s your favorite decorating idea for a baby shower?

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Darlene Cruz
Darlene Cruz
3 years ago

Very good ideas, I enjoy your blog very much, thank you!

3 years ago

Your features are so fun!