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Natural Minty Deodorant Alternative

Natural Minty Deodorant Alternative

Do you love your deodorant? I’ve tried a few deodorant brands with successful deodorizing results, except that the mainstream formulations can be really drying for my skin. I often need to apply lotion to reduce my dry and peeling skin after habitual deodorant use. Natural deodorants can be great because of their gentle chemical-free formulas and naturally deodorizing properties. I recently had the chance to try Scully’s Original 12 Hour Deodormint, a natural deodorant that leaves skin feeling minty and tingly.

It’s always good to minimize the chemicals you introduce to your body, especially in products that you use habitually. Scully’s Deodormint is made with 3 ingredients; triple-filtered alcohol from New York grains, organic mint oils and organic citric acid from grapefruit. This natural deodorant is spray on and easy to apply.

For daily use, I just apply 4 sprits of Scully’s Deodormint and I can immediately feel a cool tingly feeling. I’ve noticed it gives my skin an earthy minty fragrance, a nice change from the spiced-up fragrances of some of the mainstream sport brands. The deodorant smell isn’t very strong. I don’t normally use antiperspirant deodorant andΒ Scully’s Deodormint seems to work comparably to other deodorant brands.

Scully's Natural Deodormint spray-on deodorant

Since this natural spray works to actively minimize odor rather than mask it, I’d recommend applying several spritz on clean skin after showering. If you are short on time and can’t shower, it works to wipe off your arm pits and spray some Scully’s Deodormint on as a refresher. Overall this natural deodorant is worth trying out. It doesn’t dry out my skin and it’s a minty way to combat natural body odor.

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Stephanie Jeannot

It must smell really nice. I love the citrusy fragrance of grapefruit. Nice!!!

Claudia Caminero

Very interesting, do you think is good for after shaving?


I have always been interested in natural deodorants. I think I am going to try this!

Autumn Murray
Autumn Murray

Sounds like a great alternative to the typical deodorant. I’ll give it a try!

Sue-Tanya Mchorgh

I have never tried natural deodorants before but i have been wanting to. Thanks for sharing.

Evelyn Hernandez

I tried natural deodorant in the past and they didnt work well, I will try this one, hopefully its better.

Adriana Madonna

I know what you mean, dry skin just awful, I need to check this product out Soon! πŸ™‚


Deodorant is a must-use item in routine. After reading your review curious to try this natural alternative .


This sounds like an interesting natural alternative to deodorant. However, I am a bit disappointment that it comes in a plastic bottle. I have tried natural deodorants before but they all came in glass containers.


Very interesting, I have never considered natural deodorant before! Thanks for letting me know more!


I have never tried scully deodormint. Glad that it is natural and leave skin feeling minty!