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A TYME Saving Curler & Straightener

The TYME Iron is one of the best inventions in hair care that I have ever had the pleasure of using. It’s efficient, multipurpose, and (once you get the hang of it) easy to use. All of which are important components for a morning beauty and hair care routine, especially for us moms! The TYME Iron is such a simple, yet brilliant ergonomic design for a universal hair care tool. I didn’t even realize when I first used my TYME Iron that it is not only a curling iron, but also a hair straightener. And not only that, but the best hair straightener I have ever used! The TYME Iron actually straightened my naturally curly hair the first time around, without me having to blow dry it first. Win!

Tyme Iron easily curls and straightens your hair - Mommy Scene

Because the heat plates get so hot (up to 400 degrees!), the TYME Iron works faster than other curlers and straighteners, so you can finish styling your hair so much faster! This means that I can actually find the time to regularly do my hair! I found out the Tyme Iron was also a straightener when I went to use this ergonomic hair styling tool for the first time. I was excited and ready to see a beautiful curl, only to see a perfectly silky straight piece of hair. That’s when I realized I should look at the instructions and I discovered that I had used the TYME Iron the hair straightening direction. But no complaints here! I just went ahead and straightened all of my hair and I was completely happy with the results.

TYME Highlights

The TYME Iron’s unique design allows you to create the beautiful looks with one tool, which used to require a separate curling iron or traditional flat iron straightener. With the TYME Iron, you can now create long-lasting curls AND silky straight hair by using the two sides of the iron separately. You can also mix it up! The TYME Iron is a professionally crafted, all-in-one piece of awesomeness that smooths and curls your hair, using opposite edges of the tool. It features 400 degree gold plated Titanium plates, a salon quality design, and rotating swivel cord.

The Tyme Iron straightens hair from one angle - Mommy Scene

The Tyme Iron quickly curls hair with a twist of the wrist - Mommy Scene review

The Tyme Iron quickly curls hair with a twist of the wrist.

Tyme Iron makes beautiful curls every day possible - Mommy Scene review

Tyme Iron makes beautiful curls every day possible.

Tyme Iron all in one hair curler and straightener review - Mommy Scene

All in one Tyme Iron straightens and curls hair - Mommy Scene review

Tyme Iron curls and straightens hair quickly and easily - Mommy Scene

Tyme Iron all in one curler and straightener hair care essential - Mommy Scene review

The Tyme Iron is an all-in-one curler and straightener hair care essential.

Tyme Iron Curling Straightener hair care essential review - Mommy Scene

The TYME Iron is so comfortable to hold and use. It has one button that blinks when you push it to turn it on, and then stops blinking and stays on when it’s ready. One clever feature is that the button is actually on the inside of the iron below the plates, meaning it’s almost impossible to accidentally turn it off while using it. It has a long cord that swivels at the base, so it’s never in the way. I’ll be honest, it takes a little practice (and perhaps some online video help) to figure out how to get those perfect curls. But, once you get the hang of it, its so easy and fun! TYME offers free styleTYME tutorials with each iron purchase as well as 30 day free returns and free shipping so there’s little excuse to try it out for yourself. Snag a TYME Iron to maximize your mommy-friendly beauty routine this fall!

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