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How to Create an Adorable DIY Bow Hair Style

How to Create an Adorable DIY Bow Hair Style

It’s been a busy week at our house. We made lots of treats this week, finished up decorating for Christmas and played in some beautiful, fluffy snow. It’s not uncommon to have snow this time of year in North Idaho, but the shimmery snowflakes definitely make the holidays feel more special. My daughter wanted me to do her hair in a creative style for Christmas, so I created a DIY bow hair style for her. Learn how we did it!

How to make a Bow Hair Style

DIY Bow Hair Style

My daughter loves doing creative hair styles with her pretty blond hair. It’s getting longer and she’s mentioned cutting it a few times. I remind her that shorter hair will be more limited in how we can style it. For now, her long hair is the perfect length to make a cute DIY bow hair style! You can easily create this bow hair style yourself in a few simple steps.

Rainforest Sensory Kit creative kids activity

To make a bow hair style, first brush the hair straight down the back

To make a bow hair style, first brush the hair straight down the back. Then gather all the hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic. The ponytail will serve as the base of the bow hair style.

Cute and easy DIY bow hair style

Create the Hair Bow

Next, divide the hair into three equal sections and clip one section to the top of the head. This piece will be used later to create the middle of the bow. Separate one section of hair to the left side of the head and another section of hair to the right side of the head.

Cute and easy DIY bow hair style with sections of hair

Use the two sections of hair to make the sides of the bow. Roll the left section of hair up using your fingers into a tube and pin it into place on the left side of the head. Repeat with the right section of hair. Use extra hair pins to fine tune the sides of the bow, making sure the sides are symmetrical and securely pinned in place.

Pretty DIY bow hair style

Use the top section of hair to create the center of the bow. Wrap it down the middle and thread it back up through the right side of the bow, over the hair elastic, and down the left side of the bow. Pin this final section of hair into place.

Cute DIY bow hair style

Creative hair designs like a DIY bow hair style are fun to create for special occasions such as a party or a holiday celebration. My little girls also love it when I style their hair just for fun. This bow hair style was a perfect way to dress up for the holidays this year.

How to make a bow with your hair, so cute

Yummy Holiday Treats

I also spent a good part of this last week baking. I made homemade dark chocolate truffles, Starbucks copy-cat Cranberry Bliss Bars, sugar cookies and Snickerdoodles. We took some treats to our neighbors and shared some with friends and family.

Starbucks copy-cat Cranberry Bliss Bars

These homemade Cranberry Bliss Bars are so yummy and fairly easy to make. I did mess up the recipe the first time because I slightly over-baked them which makes them hard. The second and third times (we kept needing Cranberry Bliss Bars) they turned out perfectly! I will be posting my how-to tutorial soon!

Also, my homemade chocolate truffles are my favorite treat to make during the holidays and very popular! You can easily learn how to make these delicious DIY chocolate truffles yourself!

Easy Cranberry Bliss Bars and homemade chocolate truffles

Princess Sensory Kit creative kids activity

Homemade treats and holiday outfits definitely make the season feel festive. We are excited to celebrate Christmas and spend time with family. The holidays are the perfect time to be a little fancier than usual!

Super cute holiday hair styles

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Lovely and really cute idea. I would love to see how cute my daughter will look after trying this, thanks

Jasmine Hewitt

what a cute hairstyle for a little girl! so festive and fun!


Omg just loving the bow!!!! I’m going to have to attempt this style in my daughters hair! Too cute


Such a festive and lovely post. The bow hairstyle looks a lot easier to achieve than I would have thought. But I can’t think about any more baked goods – enjoyed them a little too much over the holidays 😉

Maggie Unzueta

This hairstyle is so pretty. And that homemade Cranberry Bliss Bar looks so delicious. I should probably try them out.


this is a very cool hair style! my hair is honestly long enough to maybe try it out hahaha

Felecia Monique

So cute!!! Your daughter is adorable

Jenny Johnston

This hair style is so cute, I will give it a go on my daughter


awesome tutorial! I would love to recreate it with my own hair, I hope my slightly shorter hair can make it too