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Change Up your Skincare Routine with Something New

Change Up your Skincare Routine with Something New

I have to confess, I don’t always buy the same skincare products over and over. Often when I come to the end of a bottle I decide to try something new. I guess this is because there are so many skincare products to choose from and it’s fun to mix up my regular skincare routine. Here are the basics I use and a few recent products I’ve tried!

Natural skincare routine tips

Gentle Face Wash

A simple face wash is a must have. I prefer a cleanser that’s not too strong and free of alcohol and other drying ingredients. I also like those gently exfoliating particles that provide a little texture in a face wash. I’ve tried lots of face wash products and the best formulas are natural and leave my face feeling refreshed.

Lightweight Moisturizer

Once my face is cleansed, I apply a light moisturizer. My combination skin is best suited for products that aren’t oily or heavy. I also want my moisturizer to feel refreshing rather than greasy because I apply it every morning and evening. If products are too oily they give my face a shine or cause my skin to break out.

Blemish Control

Yep, I still get blemishes as an adult. Why was I never told to expect this? I’ve used several blemish control products that target problem areas without drying out the surrounding skin. The latest blemish control product I’ve used makes my skin feel minty (see below!)

Refreshing Toner

Toner is an optional bonus for my skincare routine but it’s so refreshing to spray a light toner on my face after a hot day. A natural toner can also combat against dry skin and even out skin tone.

Botanical Skincare Solutions

I’ve been impressed by several skincare products that I’ve tried recently. SkinKick natural skincare helps clear your skin of blemishes and breakouts. The face wash and blemish relief is formulated with plant extracts, healthy nutrients, vitamins and omegas. These skincare products are also toxin free, fragrance free, sulfate free, paraben free and scientifically developed to produce results.

SkinKick natural skincare face wash and blemish control

I’ve been using the SkinKick face wash for several weeks. A little goes a long way — I usually get my face wet, rub on a dime-sized amount of the cleanser and rinse it off. The face wash smells citrusy and has exfoliating beads that gently remove dirt and oil, leaving my skin feeling refreshed! SkinKick face wash contains 99% natural ingredients including ground coconut shell, aloe, green tea extract, caviar, apple, grapefruit, cucumber and mandarin orange.

SkinKick Face Wash with coconut shell, aloe, green tea extract, caviar

After I wash my face, I apply the SkinKick blemish relief to specific areas that are prone to breakouts, typically on my chin or between my eyebrows. The blemish relief  is a pump bottle that produces a minty lotion. My experience with the blemish relief is that it soothes breakouts and minimizes redness without drying out my skin; it also leaves my skin feeling minty and slightly tingly!

SkinKick blemish relief lotion uses BeautySkin™ technology that acts like a second skin, protecting from contaminating substances while keeping botanicals in contact with the skin to enhance blemish relief and skin renewal. It’s made from 99% natural ingredients including cat’s claw extract, dragon’s blood resin (type of herb), black willow bark extract, tea tree oil, acai, andiroba, camu-camu, copaiba, pequi oil and passion fruit.

After cleansing my face, I like to apply toner and serum to combat aging and smooth fine lines.

Scandic Skincare Swedish luxury skincare line

Scandic Skincare is a Swedish luxury skincare line that blends ancient Scandinavian botanical knowledge with cutting edge skincare science to rescue your skin from aggressors and nurse it back to ideal health and beauty. I’ve been using the Ung/Young Line Smoothing Serum and Ren/Pure Pre-Serum this summer.

Ung/Young Line Smoothing Serum helps to restore, firm and revitalize all skin types, even sensitive skin. The power of four potent peptides provides immediate and long-term firming and reduction of wrinkles. It also provides the naturally soothing effects of chamomile, lavender and orange peel oils, along with a plethora of botanicals to nourish the skin back to health and youthfulness.

Scandic Skincare’s Ren/Pure Pre-Serum is a refreshing way to hydrate, protect and firm my skin. “Ren” has a heavy water molecular footprint, deuterium oxide, which delivers a deep replenishment of water. This pre-serum seals the skin’s barrier and helps retain precious moisture. The botanical ingredients honey, plantain leaf extract, and chamomile and starflower extracts provide powerful hydration, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties; working to calm, reduce redness and gently exfoliate.

You can easily take care of your skin by choosing a few basic products and using them daily. It’s helpful to know there are many useful options for problem solving and maintaining healthy and youthful skin.

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Elizabeth O
Elizabeth O

These look like great products indeed. Taking care of your skincare is such an important task. I like finding new brands to try out.


I like this skincare routine and will definitely like to try it out. Skinkick sounds like a good brand.

Sincerely Miss J

I def. need to get a skin care routine going on because right now it’s non-existent. Thank you for sharing your routine

Cia Black

Changing my skincare routine scares me. But it is probably one that needs to be done or at least updated because I’m still using the same products I used as a teen.


Your beauty routine sounds amazing! I should know about mixing things up with my own beauty routine as I am a beauty blogger. I really want to try something from Skinkick now!


Skincare is so important! Having a good routine can help you end the day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I’ve never heard of either of these brands but I’d love to give them a try.


Skinkick maybe just what I need. I still use products to combat adult acne as I still have this issue at times.

Monidipa Dutta

Thank you for sharing your beauty regimen with us. I too change my skincare products frequently. I would definitely try some of these soon.


I am so bad at taking time to take care of my skin. I recently was just fed up with the breakouts and started taking it more seriously. I think your line up seems very doable! I want to set my skincare routine up like this.

Evelyn Hernandez

I need to stick to my routine, I tend to skip when im busy.

Ramona Cruz-Peters

I tend to use the same products over and over, creature of habit! I love seeing your review of this one for when I want to try something new.

The Social Nubian

Thanks for the amazing post. There are a few items on from your regimen that I use, but there are a few that I am thinking about getting. Your information was very informative. Thanks again.

The Social Nubian

Thank you for sharing your beauty regimen. There are a few items I used from your regimen, but there are a few that I will be purchasing. Thank you for the amazing post.


I agree with you, I never buy the same products over and over again, unless they do miracles, haha. I live in a hot climate so a refreshing toner is always a must, especially in the evenings, before going to bed.

Catherine Santiago Jose
Catherine Santiago Jose

I have never heard of this product before but it looks like a good product to try. I will definitely check this out to use and to see the results.