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Community Library Craft Fair & Paper Cutouts

This weekend we participated in our local Hayden Library craft fair and we made some glittery paper crafts to “sell” to other kids. Each kid who came received tickets they could use to buy crafts. We had a lot of fun sharing our glittery paper crafts and taking home some other creative projects made by local kids.

Creative Paper Cutouts

A craft fair is a fun event to prepare for! We made glittery paper cutouts decorated with rhinestones and feathers.

Colorful paper cutouts and unicorn and butterfly crafts for kids

Want to make your own colorful paper cutouts? Save our simple shapes printable template featuring a unicorn, a bird and a butterfly! You can also easily print off any shape outline and cut it out using colored paper.

Right click and “Save image as” to use this paper shapes cutout template

Cutout shape printable template butterfly, bird and unicorn

Local Craft Fair

At the Hayden Library craft fair each child had their own space to display their crafts. Everyone who came to the fair received 20 tickets to exchange for kids’ crafts. Kids who had a table could also use the tickets they received to buy crafts from other kids. My girls really enjoyed selling their crafts to other children and picking out some crafts to buy themselves. The ticket exchange idea is a great way to teach kids about buying and selling.

Hayden Library kids craft fair in Coeur d'Alene

Browsing the other craft tables was just as much fun as selling crafts! One of the girls was displaying hand-drawn illustrations of princesses, mermaids, pirates and ninjas.

Hayden Library kids craft fair hand drawn illustrations

My girls picked out bracelets, pencil cans and origami creations and paid for them using some of their tickets. Each child set the price of their crafts, generally 1, 2 or 3 tickets.

Hayden Library kids craft fair homemade bracelets

Hayden Library kids craft fair pencil cans

Hayden Library kids craft fair yarn diamonds

Every child’s craft was as different as the next! These woven yarn diamonds came in all colors and one little boy’s origami birds, turtles, stars and cubes created an eye-catching display.

Hayden Library kids craft fair origami

Overall we had a lot of fun at the Hayden Library craft fair! This creative community event was a great reason to make some crafts and a fun opportunity to appreciate other local kids’ handiwork.

Hayden Library kids craft fair activity

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Printable unicorn, butterfly and robin cutout template kids craft

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