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Disney on Ice 2019 Pacific Northwest Show Schedule

Disney on Ice 2019 Pacific Northwest Show Schedule

Going to Disney on Ice is a great opportunity to spend a special family day together. Kids can wear a dress up outfit and see their favorite characters retelling beloved stories on the ice. A live performance is much different than an animated show and each Disney on Ice show magically brings classic stories to life. Kids, teenagers and adults will enjoy seeing Mickey & Minnie, Moana, Aladdin & Jasmine, characters from Toy Story and more reenacting the highlights from many Disney stories.

Don’t miss the show near your this fall! Disney on Ice has performances planned nationwide at more than 130 locations. You can find the 2019-2020 Disney on Ice show schedule here and buy tickets for each performance. Show themes include Mickey’s Search Party, Road Trip Adventures, Worlds of Enchantment, Dream Big and Celebrate Memories.

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Shows vary based on location, but chances are you can find Disney on Ice coming to a town near you! If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you can see Disney on Ice Mickey’s Search Party at any of these locations this fall.

OCT 18 – OCT 20, 2019 – Spokane, WA
OCT 25 – OCT 27, 2019 – Portland, OR
OCT 30 – NOV 04, 2019 – Kent, WA
NOV 07 – NOV 10, 2019 – Everett, WA

Why Go to Disney on Ice

Fun Family Event

Disney on Ice is a great family night out. It’s important for families to spend time together, especially after a busy week of kids being in school and parents working. The Disney on Ice shows are scheduled for afternoons, evenings and weekends so you can easily find a time that fits your schedule.

Great for All Ages

The Disney on Ice show is colorful and energetic to capture the attention of toddlers, kids and teenagers. My 3-year-old and 6-year-old girls loved the enchanted princess show we saw last year. The lights, sounds and special effects created a magical experience for our family.

Disney on Ice show family night out

Dress Up, Souvenirs and Snacks

A highlight of Disney on Ice shows is the opportunity for kids to dress up as their favorite Disney characters. We saw many kids dressed up for the show last year. Additionally, this event is a great place for kids to wear their Halloween costumes to get more use out of them! Before/after the show and during intermission, you can purchase fun Disney on Ice souvenirs and accessories such as light-up wands, crowns and swords. You can also enjoy a variety of concessions including snacks and drinks.

Going to Disney on Ice is a memorable and valuable family night out, perfect for kids of all ages. Which show is coming to a location near you?

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