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Mulan Family Movie Night, Snack Ideas & Activity Pages!

My kids have been looking forward to seeing the live action Mulan. Between our end-of-summer camping trips and the start of school, we haven’t had a chance to have a family Mulan movie night, until now. My kids think it’s extra special when Andy and I watch a movie with them. We finally all sat down to watch Disney’s NEW live action MULAN movie, in celebration of my daughter Sylvie’s birthday!

The story of MULAN is all about taking action and being brave in the face of danger. I love how MULAN encourages girls to be resourceful and become a leader who inspires the people around them. Not just anyone can be a great leader. The best people to follow are humble, creative and intuitive. Mulan demonstrates all of these qualities in her quest to save her father, protect her family and fight for her country.

Mulan live action movie Disney release

You can now host your own family movie night and watch Disney’s live action MULAN, now streaming on all major digital retailers. Don’t forget to pop some popcorn, and while you’re at it, mix up some of this zesty Dragon chili lime popcorn!

Zesty Dragon Chili Lime Popcorn family movie night snack

Zesty Dragon Chili Lime Popcorn

  • air popped popcorn
  • butter
  • salt
  • fresh lime
  • chili powder

Make a batch of air-popped popcorn. My favorite method is to use our Whirley Pop stove top popcorn popper. Melt butter to drizzle on top and sprinkle on the salt like you normally would. Finally, add the zest! Sprinkle on a light amount of chili powder to taste, and squeeze fresh lime over the popcorn, mixing as you sprinkle. Don’t over-do the spice, to achieve the perfect salty, zesty, tangy flavor!

Mulan Activity Pages

Before or after you watch the live action MULAN movie, your family can enjoy doing this activity packet! Like Mulan, you can identify goals for yourself, and problem-solve through any obstacles.

Disney's live action Mulan activity sheet goal journey

Color a Nature Landscape & Write a Poem

Also, take notice of nature by coloring a landscape or writing a nature poem. Our family loves spending time out in the great outdoors. You can find natural beauty nearby, no matter where you live. The mountains, forests, rivers and hills are great places to explore with your kids. Being in nature is refreshing, especially as you observe all the amazing details of natural textures, flowers, sunsets, mountain views and ancient forests. Exploring nature is also a great opportunity for further unit studies!

Disney's live action Mulan activity sheet create nature landscape art

Disney's live action Mulan activity sheet nature poem

Design Your Family Crest

Finally, take a moment with your family to design your own family crest. You could start with a main graphic icon that represents your family’s values or activities you enjoy. Add flourishes, details and lettering with your family name. Include each family member’s ideas and talk about how your family crest represents your family’s heritage or experience together.

Disney's live action Mulan activity sheet design a family crest

Disney’s new live action MULAN movie is a classic choice for a family movie night. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie, although we did miss the songs a bit. This action-packed remake does a good job of tying in the animated Mulan soundtrack into the thematic music of the action scenes. You can watch Disney’s live action MULAN on all major digital retailers.


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