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5 Tips for Taking Kids to Disney On Ice

Over the weekend we had the chance to see Disney On Ice Dare to Dream at the Spokane Arena in Washington. My girls were very excited and dressed up in anticipation of the show! We also brought some friends along to make a special night even more special. Disney On Ice has a full schedule of shows throughout the year, so chances are it’s coming to your city or somewhere near you! After seeing the Disney On Ice Dare to Dream show, I’d definitely recommend planning a family night out to see this magical performance.

5 Tips for Taking Kids to Disney On Ice

Pick The Right Show For Your Family

The Disney On Ice Dare to Dream show combines the individual stories of Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, Elsa & Anna, Rapunzel and Moana into a 2 hour live performance. This was a perfect show for my girls to see because they love all things sparkly and glamorous. All of the costumes were very colorful and detailed, worn by characters brought to life by the talented ice skaters. You can choose from a variety of shows that travel to different US cities throughout the year. Each Disney On Ice show highlights a different combination of beloved Disney characters.

Disney On Ice Family Night Out

Make Family Memories at Disney On Ice

Plan Your Night & Get There Early

Disney On Ice is a memorable performance that is very kid friendly and easy to attend with the whole family. I remember seeing an enchanting Disney On Ice show as a kid with my family. The props and special effects have come a long way since then! My girls were excited to see their favorite Disney princesses live on the ice. It was really special to take my kids to the city to see a show that was designed just for them! When you plan your Disney On Ice night out, it’s very helpful to get there early so kids can go to the bathroom and get fully situated before the show begins. There is also an intermission which you can use to get snacks or visit the bathroom again.

Disney On Ice Dare to Dream - Belle Be Our Guest

It was so fun for my girls to watch Belle explore the Beast’s castle, dance alongside cakes and spoons during the Be Our Guest song, and break the spell which transforms the Beast back into a prince.

Disney On Ice Dare to Dream - Beauty & The BeastDisney On Ice Dare to Dream – Belle & the Prince

Dress Up in Costumes

We attended the Disney On Ice Dare to Dream performance highlighting all the favorite princesses and my girls were excited to dress up as Elsa & Anna. Lots of kids dress up for Disney On Ice so my girls fit right in! You can shop ahead of time to find the perfect Disney princess costume for your little girl. Disney On Ice unfortunately doesn’t allow adults to wear costumes so that kids won’t be confused by who are attendees vs. performers. You can always wear your favorite Disney t-shirt or Elsa braid accessory!

Disney On Ice Dare to Dream - Princess Elsa

Disney On Ice Dare to Dream - Princess Anna and Olaf

Bring Some Glow in the Dark Toys

The Disney On Ice performances are in a dark arena with spotlights that light up the ice. Kids can bring their own glowing wands and crowns to the show or pick up some glow in the dark accessories at the event center for $15-$20. Holding a glow toy can make the show interactive and give your kids something to wave as they watch the spectacular show.

Disney On Ice Dare to Dream - Elsa & Anna

Disney On Ice Dare to Dream - Princess Elsa Ice Castle

Eat Dinner Before & Enjoy Snacks At the Show

Our family ate dinner before we arrived at Disney On Ice for the 7pm show. Halfway though the show there’s an intermission and families can purchase drinks, popcorn, snow cones and other snacks. There’s even a selection of drinks for adults. Prices reflect typical event pricing so we shared a soda and a soft pretzel with cheese. Just enough for a little snack before the second half of the show!

Moana put on a colorful show with lots of props and special effects that well represented the movie. We watched Moana sail her boat beyond the reef to find Maui the Polynesian Demi-God, encounter Tamatoa the Crab and battle Te Kā. My kids were amazed to see the Moana movie and songs come alive in a spectacular performance on the ice.

Disney On Ice Dare to Dream - Moana

Disney On Ice Dare to Dream - Moana and Tamatoa the Crab

Disney On Ice is a fun way to spend a special night with your family. We took our kids ages 4 and 6 and they had no problem sitting through the show and staying in their seats. We did leave our 2-year-old with a babysitter so my husband and I could better enjoy the show. We hope these tips help you plan your family night out if you are considering seeing one of the magical Disney On Ice shows!

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