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DIY Coupon Box

DIY Coupon Box

As a busy mom, I find it time consuming to cut out coupons, store them in an intentional spot, AND remember to use them at the store. I made this little DIY coupon box for storing my coupons out of the way but still in sight so I’ll use them, not lose them. You could also store mementos, photos, and other small items to keep safe.

To make this coupon box, all you need is a small cardboard box. I used a recycled cornstarch box cut along one side to create the top opening. If your box is already opened, tape up any of the sides that you want to provide the sides of the box.

DIY Coupon Box from a recycled box - Mommy Scene

I covered my box with white shelf paper, followed by a layer of printed shelf paper. This blocked out any print from the box from showing through. Shelf paper is handy because it’s lightly adhesive on one side, and smooth and water resistant on the other. Plus it comes in many modern prints.

Make a homemade coupon box - Mommy Scene

Completely cover the coupon box with shelf paper, wrapping the corners like a present, and securing any edges with tape for added reinforcement.

DIY coupon box for paper scraps - Mommy Scene

I made a little tag for the front of my box, mostly as decoration, although I may print out a more descriptive label for the box sometime. Attach the coupon box to your fridge or a decorative white board or black board. Consider an alternate adhesive that’s safe for wood if you are attaching the box on a cabinet or something with a faux finish.

Cute repurposed box for small scraps of paper - Mommy Scene

This coupon box is a cute and simple (and free!) way to keep track of scraps of paper, business cards, or even a piece of chalk or two. You can even make one that matches the style of your kitchen.

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How to make a re-purposed coupon box - Mommy Scene

What will you put in your coupon box?

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Such a cute way to save your coupons without losing them. I love re-purposing things