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Creative Uses for Nail Polish

Try out these fun ideas and creative projects you can make with your stash of nail polish. The more colors and types of polish you have the better!

Customize your headphones

These painted headphones look so easy to make and really spice up a generic white pair of headphones. Simply tape off sections of the headphone cord and paint the wires with any color combination of nail polish you fancy. Intermix with solids and glitter polish too!

Creative Uses for Nail Polish - colorful headphonesphoto credit:

Paint cute magnets

Make custom magnets out of repurposed bottle caps! Use nail polish to create your own designs, or use clear nail polish to adhere printed paper, followed by a top coat of clear nail polish to seal the design. Hot glue a magnet to the back to create a custom decoration for your fridge.

Creative Uses for Nail Polish - bottle cap magnets

Color code your keys

Add a coat of nail polish to your keys to easily identify them on the go. Use your creativity to add stripes, dots, and even rhinestones to embellish your design.

Creative Uses for Nail Polish - color coded keysphoto credit:

Paint the soles of your shoes

Clean the bottom of the soles with alcohol and a cotton ball. Apply a thin layer of colored nail polish over the surface of the shoe, and place the heels upside down to dry. Wait about 10 minutes for the first layer to dry, then add a second layer as needed.

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Creative Uses for Nail Polish - colorful shoe soles

Make rock monsters

Paint these cute monsters by decorating small rocks with nail polish. Carefully paint each side, letting one side fully dry before painting the other. The advantage of using nail polish for this project is that it dries really fast! Outline your character faces with a Sharpie and glue on googly eyes for added affect.

Creative Uses for Nail Polish - painted rock monsters

Stop runs in your tights

Easily and invisibly stop a run in your tights or stockings by painting a dab of clear nail polish at the beginning and end of a run while you are still wearing them. Nail polish is waterproof too, so you can wash them as usual.

Creative Uses for Nail Polish - stop a run in your tights

Design your own phone case

Paint a custom phone case using one of your old cases or design a new one using a clear case. If you paint on the inside of a clear case the paint won’t chip off over time. Intertwine solids, glitter, and iridescent polish for a completely unique look.

Creative Uses for Nail Polish - painted phone casephoto credit: cutestomizingbydyana

Do you have any creative projects you’ve accomplished with nail polish? We’d love to hear your ideas shared in the comments!

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Wacky and Creative Uses for Nail Polish

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Natasha C
Natasha C
5 years ago

This is such a great list! I forwarded on to my two teenage sisters. I can’t wait to see what they come up with! Between the two of them they must have over 100 bottles of nail polish in every shade of the rainbow.

5 years ago

This phone case is just sooooooo beautiful. Great ideas!