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DIY Photo Magnets

Here’s an idea for a cute personalized gift that’s easy to make with a little planning. DIY photo magnets are inexpensive and memorable gifts for family members and friends. Additionally, you can make photo magnets to decorate your own refrigerator with photos of your family, friends, kids or pets.

To make a set of DIY photo magnets, you will need to order wallet sized photos of the pictures you want to use. You can easily order wallets through a photo printing service such as the Costco website. Once you receive the wallet sized photo prints, the rest of this project is easy-peasy.

Cute and easy DIY photo magnets

Photo Magnet Materials

  • assortment of photos – wallet sized
  • magnetic sheets with adhesive backing
  • paper cutter or scissors

Make these cute photo magnets by first cutting apart the wallet sized photos.

Next, lay a magnet sheet adhesive side up and carefully peel off the backing. Arrange each photo on the magnet sheet. I was able to fit 4 photos on each magnetic sheet.

Finally, cut apart each photo magnet using a paper cutter for clean cuts. Alternately, you can use scissors to cut along the edges of each photo.

How to make personalized photo magnets

This project will produce small photos that have a magnetic backing. You can use these photo magnets on a refrigerator, locker or any metal surface. Photo magnets are especially fun to hang up pieces of kids art, because you can match the art with a photo of the child’s face.

Use a paper cutter to make photo magnets

Lay 4 photos on the adhesive side of a magnet sheet. Carefully cut them apart to create personalized photo magnets.

Cute and customizable photo magnets

I invested in a paper cutter for projects such as this, and I’ve used it for years. A paper cutter significantly reduces the time it takes to cut paper materials. My paper cutter also has a built in ruler grid for creating precise cuts. I often use my paper cutter to measure and trim printer paper, scrapbook paper, cardstock, photos and even cardboard.

Easy DIY photo magnets craft

These DIY photo magnets turned out so cute and colorful! If you already put photos on your refrigerator or send photos to loved ones, this project turns those photos into useful magnets. Happy creating!

Customize your refrigerator or locker with photo magnets


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