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Easy & Modern DIY Canvas Rugs

Easy & Modern DIY Canvas Rugs

A modern rug can transform a room and provide a pop of color or artsy conversation piece at the same time. Painter’s drop cloth is an amazing material you can use to make your own custom canvas rug. If you have wood floors, a chic rug easily makes a room feel more cozy too! These inspiring DIY canvas rug designs will make you want to design a rug for your home too!

(Above) A modern aqua outdoor rug perfectly adds a pop of color to this patio seating area. Rugs can be so stylish but they can also be super expensive. Painters drop cloth is the perfect solution to make a homemade canvas rug. You can get a huge piece of durable, heavy duty fabric for around twenty bucks at a hardware store. Painters drop cloth is ideal for kids to play on without risking damage to an expensive rug. You can also make a gorgeous outdoor rug that you can easily spray down with the hose if it gets dirty and dry it in the sun.

DIY Canvas Rug painted colorful squares and bold colors

Customize your canvas rug using repeated shapes or bold colors. It’s helpful to trace the pattern onto the canvas material before you begin painting. I love this brightly painted canvas rug with repeating squares.

A DIY canvas rug design can be as artistic as you want! This tribal arrows pattern is simple and thoughtfully created using permanent marker.

DIY Canvas Rug Painted Tribal Arrows
When you design a DIY canvas rug using painter’s drop cloth, your design doesn’t need to be perfect. Whimsical patterns that are hand drawn with imperfections are interesting and completely unique! This chic rug embellished with freehand geometric designs was made from a re-purposed floor rug painted white.

DIY Canvas Rug painted whimsical patterns

Of course, bold stripes can always find a place in your home. This pretty black and white striped canvas drop cloth rug gorgeously offsets the rest of the room’s decor and salmon colored accents.

DIY Canvas Rug painted bold stripes

This cheerful laundry room rug is made from heavy canvas hemmed on all four sides. This artist did an amazing job designing her floral pattern on top of the solid yellow color.

DIY Canvas Rug floral design on painters drop cloth

Of course, you can always take a plain outdoor rug and stencil colorful designs on top! This pretty flower-embellished outdoor rug is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic.

DIY Canvas Rug stenciled petal designs on outdoor rug

If you really want to get creative, make a canvas rug pattern using leaves dipped in paint. The best thing about making your own rug is your imagination is the limit!

DIY Canvas Rug designed with leaves on painters drop cloth

Any living room would be transformed by this purple triangle canvas rug. Simple and gorgeous!

DIY Canvas Rug with painted purple triangles
Which style of DIY canvas rug will you create? Head to the hardware store, grab some drop cloth and enjoy designing a custom rug for your home!

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