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Fabulously Colorful Paint Chip Projects

Combine art and color with these creative paint chip inspired projects. Spice up a nursery, kid’s room, or living space with these custom decor ideas, or liven up a party with paint chip accents and favor boxes. The options are endless!

We all know the drill. When painting a room or even an accent wall, numerous colors must be tested out before deciding on the final choice. While this process may involve multiple rounds of painting and repainting small sections of the wall, most of the time the process starts by bringing home paint chips. Many households have paint chips tucked away into cabinets, drawers, and garages, waiting for an unknown purpose sometime in the future. Here’s a list of our favorite practical ideas for using those paint chips to create your own decor, organize your recipe box, or stay updated on your weekly schedule with a customized reusable calender. Enjoy!

Paint Chip inspired art

Make this creative art piece by gluing repeating geometric paint chip shapes into a stained glass-like pattern. Customize the colors to match your decorating palette or create a design or picture within the pattern.

Paint Chip inspired table decoration

This whimsical table was created by gluing paint chip squares onto the top of a white wooden side table. This project could be replicated using Mod Podge to seal the top. Or top the table with glass for waterproof durability.

Colorful clock creative paint chip projectsPhoto credit: KoJo Designs

This clock would brighten up any room with its cheery paint chip square design and happy message. It’s created with paint chips cut into squares and glued onto a basic white clock. Use a stencil to cut out custom letters.

Colorful DIY calendar creative paint chip projectsPhoto credit: Emma Courtney

Make your own colorful calendar with a picture frame and paint chips cut into squares. Arrange the squares in any color combination you choose and top with the glass from the picture frame. Use dry erase markers to mark the days of the month. You’ll be able to reuse your calendar all year long!

Colorful recipe cards creative paint chip projectsPhoto credit: In My Own Style

These custom recipe card markers make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Tape colorful tabs made from paint chips onto index cards to customize your recipe collection.

Colorful gift tags creative paint chip projectsPhoto credit: Creating Really Awesome Free Things

What better way to use leftover paint chips than for custom gift tags! Friends and family will marvel at your creativity and you’ll be able to re-purpose instead of trash any paint chips you have lying around. Plus save money on gift tags!

Colorful wreath creative paint chip projectsPhoto credit: Style at Home

This wreath was made from leaves cut from paint chips and folded in half for added depth. Simply hot glue them onto a wreath core. Add silk flowers or feathers as extra accents.

Colorful wall art creative paint chip projectsPhoto credit: I Heart Organizing

These heart canvases are perfect for a little girl’s room or nursery. Cut out a repeating shape using a stamp cutter and arrange the pieces by color to create this cascading color wall decor.

Colorful DIY pennants creative paint chip projects

These paint chip pennant banners are festive with a touch of sophistication. Plus they are inexpensive to make, and all you need is ribbon and scissors. Hot glue each pennant to a ribbon to create a decorative banner.

Colorful decorative mobile creative paint chip projects

Make a DIY paint chip mobile by cutting out colorful circles and gluing them onto thread or fishing line. The middle mobile is made using tiny metal rings, if you really want to get fancy. These custom mobiles are whimsical and modern.

Colorful gift boxes creative paint chip projectsPhoto credit: How About Orange

Paint chips also make great gift boxes. Make them with coordinating or contrasting color tops and bottoms and tuck in some sweets or a little treasure.

Colorful wall art creative paint chip projects

This paint chip backdrop takes this room to a whole new level. It resembles a sunset, but it’s made from symmetrical rectangles of lined up colored chips.

Kids turkey craft creative paint chip projects

This cute Thanksgiving-inspired kids’ craft is made from construction paper and paint chips.

Colorful cut out animals creative paint chip projectsPhoto credit: Handmade Charlotte

These amazing animal cut outs are also made using paint chips. The paper is the perfect weight to allow them to stand up by themselves, and the matte colors make them stand out. Make your own animal friends by cutting out paint chip shapes and gluing them together. You could also tell a story with these inexpensive to make and eye-catching characters.

Which is your favorite paint chip-inspired idea?

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Angela A
Angela A
4 years ago

Awww I love these ideas. Love the creativity thanks for sharing I will definitely try this with my little ones

Julie G.
Julie G.
4 years ago

Thanks for all of these cool craft ideas. Who knew the lowly paint chip could turn into something so classy!

Cindy B
Cindy B
4 years ago

These are so creative; thanks for sharing

3 years ago

I love your paint chip art ideas!