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How to Paint with Roses & Make Custom Art

Do you have a corner of your home that could use some colorful art? I love creating inexpensive seasonal art that I can decorate with and swap out during the year. Painting with roses is a fun technique which creates art that will turn out differently each time!

Creative painting with roses art project

We paint a lot at our house. My kids love playing with paint and seeing their art up on our refrigerator. A colorful painting project is as good as anything to keep the kids entertained after school. I recently experimented with using real roses as stamps to create custom art. Easily customize this crafty art project with colorful craft paint and a few real roses!

How to paint with roses and make custom art

Painting with Roses Technique

To create art by painting with roses, first gather your supplies. You’ll need:

  • paper plate
  • thick art paper
  • paint brush (for touch-ups)
  • colorful craft paint
  • a few real roses (slightly wilted is ok)
  • cup of water & paper towel (optional)

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Fun painting with roses art project

Squeeze some of the colorful craft paint onto the paper plate to use as your palette. Spread the paint around a bit to create a thin layer of paint.

Place a piece of art paper in front of you. Press a rose into the craft paint, making sure to coat each petal. You can use the paintbrush to add colors or extra paint to specific rose petals.

Gently and firmly press the rose down onto the art paper. I took extra care to press the outside petals down to create a well-defined rose shape. You can use the paint brush to add definition to the spots the rose “stamp” didn’t quite get.

Creative painting with roses art technique

I created a bouquet-inspired paint design and even stamped some of the leaves from my fresh roses. Different roses will create different effects. I had one rose stamp that I liked the most and I used two other roses to add some variation. I used the paintbrush to smooth out some of the outside petals or add a little more paint.

Artsy DIY painting with roses creative project

Painting with roses isn’t fine art, but this technique creates unique designs that are perfect for greeting cards, whimsical wall art and crafty kids projects! You can pick any paint colors you’d like and even add glitter, or stamp the roses into a dark painted background. I’m excited to try this technique again to see how our art turns out next time! Painting with roses is a great way to get one final use out of wilting roses and also enjoy a creative afternoon project.

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Painting with roses creative art technique

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