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Re-purposed Wood Decor & Furniture Ideas

Creating new items out of old can easily be Eco-friendly and money saving. The sky is the limit when it comes to customization! Here are some ideas to take thrifted or discarded items and furniture and turn them into something cool, modern and totally unique! The best thing about creating your own re-purposed decor is that it’s one of a kind.

Coffee station created from a computer desk

Re-purposed Painted Coffee Bar

Garage sales and thrift stores are great places to pick up inexpensive furniture. With the right tools you can create a style in your home that’s all your own. I made a coffee station for our kitchen from a re-purposed computer desk. I just removed the keyboard tray and added some legs, cabinet doors and a fresh coat of paint. A collection of coffee supplies makes this custom coffee bar cute and welcoming for guests!

Repurposed computer desk coffee station for kitchen

Wine barrel coffee table decorating ideaphoto credit: the rugged rooster

Gorgeous Wine Barrel Coffee Table

How amazing is this wine barrel coffee table? We drove through wine country in California last summer and we saw many breathtaking vineyards. I would love to incorporate some elements of wine culture into my decor. A re-purposed wine barrel can be cut in half and used as a rustic side table, chic coffee table or even a whimsical planter.

Repurposed Painted Blue Nightstands

A Pop of Color in the Bedroom

These night stands were painted bright aqua and distressed. Simple and eye-catching. Chalk board paint works wonderfully for these types of re-purposed wood furniture painting projects.

Bedroom wood wall art made from repurposed fence boards

I made my bedroom “Forever & Always” wood wall art signs using pieces of wood from our old fence. I attached the boards together and painted them with a coat of clean white paint. Simple and gorgeous!

Colorful Custom Wall Art

Wall hangings made from planks or wood fence boards are simple to design and inexpensive to make. These gorgeous custom wood wall art designs are as different from each other as the materials they are made with.

Wood wall art with painted feathers

These painted feathers on weathered pieces of wood would look classy in a living room or study. You could even customize the design to use colorful accents or natural wood tones.

Colorful pineapple geometric wood wall art
photo credit: made in a day

This geometric pineapple wood wall art is cheerful and modern. I would put this colorful pineapple in my kitchen to brighten up my white walls and add a pop of color to my food prep space.

Colorful arrows wood wall art for bedroom or living spacephoto credit: better homes & gardens

Painted wood trim can be customized to match any decorating scheme and arranged into these trendy arrows. I would paint each wood piece first and then glue them together to make hangable custom wall art. This colorful wood wall art project would cost hardly anything to make.

Chic Bric Brac

Spray paint also makes it super easy to turn “junk” into a custom display of chic items. Spray a collection of items different colors in high gloss or matte paint, allowing the paint to fully dry between coats.

Modern Spray Painted Decor

You can design and customize so many kinds of decorative accents for your home. It’s fun to personalize your own space with a little creativity!

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