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DIY Rhinestone Headbands

These rhinestone embellished headbands are super easy to make and cost almost nothing. Glitz up your hairdo for summer with one of these fun customized accessories!

How to make DIY elastic headbands with rhinestones

Materials Needed

  • Several plain elastic headbands, available at Target or the dollar store
  • A length of ribbon
  • An assortment of rhinestones
  • Hot glue gun
  • Jewelry glue

Easy DIY elastic headbands with rhinestones

To create each embellished headband, place a plain elastic headband around a cylinder container to hold the headband’s shape. I created two different types of headbands.

Embellished Elastic Headband

To create a rhinestone elastic headband, simply glue rhinestones or other embellishments at regular intervals along the length of three-fourths of the headband. I left a 4 inch span blank at the back, although you could embellish the headband all the way around. I used small dots of jewelry glue to adhere the rhinestones. The cylinder shaped container acted as a work surface for me to glue the rhinestones onto the headband.

DIY elastic rhinestone headbands

Easy DIY Rhinestone Headbands Craft Project

Ribbon Headband

To make a ribbon headband I cut a length of a plain elastic headband and used the hot glue gun to glue the two ends to the ends of an already embellished ribbon. I measured the ribbon around my head and cut it about 4 inches too short, and glued the elastic in the place of the missing 4 inches. This technique made the ribbon “stretch” at the back, while keeping it smooth in the front.

Pretty DIY elastic headbands with rhinestones

Sparkly DIY elastic headbands with rhinestones

DIY elastic headbands with rhinestones

I’m looking forward to creating other colors and even some smaller sizes for my daughters. Since the elastic headband style is so popular right now, I think it’s super fun to design custom accessories to coordinate with my specific style.

How to make sparkly elastic headbands with rhinestones

I hope you are inspired by our DIY rhinestone headband tutorial. What colors are you going to create? We’d love to hear your DIY hair accessory ideas shared in the comments!

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4 years ago

These are simple and so pretty!

4 years ago

Thanks for the fun hair accessory idea. This would make a great gift too.

4 years ago

These sparkly headbands are fun

4 years ago

DIY headbands are so sparkly and I love how you can customize them.

4 years ago

These look like such fun accessories