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Genesis 950 Cleaner

Messes can be a constant occurrence, especially in a busy family home. Genesis 950 Concentrate offers an Eco-friendly solution for cleaning up kitchens, bathrooms and pet stains. The combination of Genesis 950 and water breaks down the bonds of the stain and makes the stain water soluble. Solubility causes the stain to lose adherence and be flushed from surface. Genesis 950 is a household concentrate that cleans your entire house.

Genesis 950 Concentrate is a Winter 2019 Eco Awards Winner! Eco Awards product submissions are evaluated on being sustainable or natural, easy to use and having a great design.
Eco Awards Top Product badge

Genesis 950 Professional Strength Concentrate Cleaner

Why We Love This! Genesis 950 is sold in concentrate form. By mixing it with water, 1 gallon of cleaner makes up to 7 gallons of product. This professional strength concentrate cleaner lasts a long time and effectively cleans carpet, tile, counter tops, bathtubs, sinks, showers and more! Genesis 950 Concentrate breaks down the properties of a stain so it can be washed away with water, also eliminating odor.

We’ve used Genesis 950 to effectively remove juice stains on the carpet, rust stains in the laundry room and water stains in the bathroom. It quickly breaks down sticky grease on the stove top and oven by soaking for a few minutes. Genesis 950 is also a great everyday cleaner for wiping counter tops and tile floors because it’s Eco-friendly and safe for the environment. Plus, it’s gentle and won’t damage your surfaces.

Genesis 950 is a great cleaner for wiping up virtually every area of your home!

Genesis 950 Professional Strength Concentrate Cleaner


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