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Revelae Kids Snack Bags

Families can enjoy Eco-friendly snack time by using these cute reusable cloth snack bags! Revelae Kids cloth bags have a moisture resistant interior and are decorated with colorful, modern patterns. They’re perfect to hold crackers, sandwiches and dry snacks, or even small item such as accessories and cosmetics.

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Revelae Kids Modern Cloth Snack Bags

Why we love this! Kids can stash these cute snack bags in their backpack for school or take a snack to the playground. Cloth snack bags help reduce household trash. Revelae Kids snack bags also make snack time healthier when you fill them with apple slices or nuts. Skip the chips and individually packaged cookies and bring a healthy snack on the go.

These snack bags are easy to clean in the dishwasher or washing machine. They open and close with a kid-friendly zipper. Revelae Kids snack bags come in colorful sets of 3 bags.


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