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Trendy Prom Dress Styles for Teens

Prom is an important high school milestone and opportunity to make memories. For many teens, it’s also important to find the perfect dress. Global fashion search platform Lyst offers an insightful look into how teens across America have been shopping for that all-important prom look this year, compiling data on trendy prom dress styles across 50 states, 5 million products and 12,000 online stores.

Year of the Little Black Dress… or Jumpsuit?

Even in the modern era of 2018, searches for black prom dresses are up 53%, identifying black as a timeless fashion choice. Searches for black formal pantsuits and jumpsuits have also increased by 42% in the last year.

Prom Trends black jumpsuit outfit

Fairy Tale Fashions

This year’s prom fashions also take on an escapist theme. Teens searching for “prom dress” queries also included descriptors such as Mermaid, Disney, Mulan, Cinderella and Belle in the 250 most searched-for prom fashion terms across the country.

Edgy West Coast Teens

Teens in the west coast have taken the most fashion risks, with slip styles and two-piece dresses trending in this region. Searches for prom pant suits have been at an all-time high in west coast states. Prom-goers in the south are more likely to stick to traditional silhouettes and “princess dresses”.

Spendy Southern Teens

Prom is more of a celebrated occasion in the south than any other region. In 2018 teens in the south spent an average of $380 on a dress — 50% more than teens in the Midwest, who spent the least on prom. Southern state teens were most likely to choose Disney-inspired prom dress styles.

Prom Trends vintage princess dress

Trending White Dresses

While black prom dresses were overall the most popular, they were closely followed by all white styles. Sales of white dresses have increased the most from last year, followed by red and metallic styles and gold prom dress styles.

Elegant & Long Prom Dress Styles

High school prom dress codes are having an impact on teens in the US, ​regardless of region, with teens becoming more conservative than ever in their choices of prom attire. Searches for short prom dress styles were at an all-time low, decreasing -49% from last year. Modest dresses are more popular too, with searches for long sleeved and high-neck styles up 47% this year.

Which prom dress style would you choose?


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1 year ago

These are really very beautiful and trendy prom dresses for teens. Thanks a lot for sharing great ideas.

4 years ago

Some of these styles are so fun! I’m sure the trends change from year to year. Thanks for the great read, Katie 🙂 xo