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5 Simple All Natural Home Cleaning Solutions

If you have never considered using all natural disinfectants for your home, now is the perfect time to switch to green cleaning solutions. Some recent surveys have proved that about 40% of the cleaning products and disinfectants sold on the market are not efficient against microbes and bacteria. Household solutions such as vinegar and borax prove to be effective against bacteria, without all the chemicals.

In addition, regular detergents have been proved harmful for people’s health. Chemical based detergents are among the most serious causes of allergies, respiratory diseases as well as of some medical conditions. If you do not want to expose you and your entire family to risk, using Eco-friendly and green cleaning tips will undoubtedly help you keep your home clean and disinfected without using any harmful detergents.

All chemicals that can be found in the detergents’ ingredients have totally harmless alternatives that can be easily found in every home. There are several major products that can be used as an alternative to the expensive and harmful chemicals sold in the stores. Here are some natural cleaning solutions which are effective to use for cleaning your home from top to bottom:

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a mild and natural abrasive that can be used on literally almost all surfaces at your home. The best part is that it is found in every kitchen to be used on all cooking appliances, as well as on bathroom surfaces, various floors, etc. Another great plus of the baking soda is that it is able to take care of the bad smells.

When mixed with water, baking soda forms an abrasive paste that can be used for cleaning and polishing hard surfaces without scratching them. Still, be careful when using it on more delicate surfaces at your kitchen and bathroom. Baking soda is also of great use when it comes to unclogging the sink. Just pour a glass of baking soda down the sink and then add a glass of vinegar. Wait 10 to 15 minutes and pour some hot water.


Vinegar is actually one of the most-used natural cleaning products thanks to its great disinfecting properties. Vinegar is the perfect choice when it comes to taking care of molds, limescale stains and various bad smells. It does not matter what type of vinegar will be used, but white vinegar is usually preferred, as it does not leave any stains.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is one of the best natural cleaning means. It is a great disinfectant, not to mention its great aroma.

Freshly-squeezed lemon juice is also one of the greatest products to use when cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen appliances. It can be directly applied with a soft sponge or towel on delicate surfaces and is great when it comes to cleaning the fridge and neutralizing the bad smells. Lemon juice is also fantastic cleaning product to use in your bathroom, as it will also deodorize the entire place.


Borax is another natural and Eco-friendly substance that can be used for various home cleaning purposes. It is a safe alternative to bleach and affordable, which is exactly why many people prefer it for their domestic cleaning routine instead of buying expensive and damaging substances.

Borax is widely used for various domestic cleaning procedures and is recommended by professionals such as London UpholsteryCleaners. Borax is effective for cleaning carpet, sanitizing upholstery, washing the floor, and dealing with various pests. If you are not able to provide the cleaning yourself, you can always book a professional cleaning service to tackle a particularly hard job.

Essential oils

Essential oils can be used for dealing with the bad smells. They also eliminate viruses, microbes and bacteria and can successfully be used for self-made aroma therapy and DIY home infusers to deodorize your house or apartment.

We hope you benefit from using these natural cleaning tips to clean your home without the use of heavy chemicals.

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