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Spring Cleaning & Organizing Tips

Changing seasons is the perfect time to do a bit of cleaning and refresh your home and daily routines with a few easy tips. Here are the projects I’m working on to get organized for warmer weather!

Make Eco-Friendly Shopping Lists

I get excited about cooking in the spring. I love cooking with fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market and growing my own herbs to use in recipes. Spring inspires me to make delicious salads, zesty fish tacos, and herb-infused pastas and stir fries. These gourmet recipes require me to create organized shopping lists so I have all the ingredients I need for dinner prep. These beautiful dry erase “Wipenote” notebooks from Beyouneeq are perfect for creating shopping lists and making spring cleaning to-do lists. The small dry erase notebook fits perfectly in my purse and the larger size is ideal for keeping in my kitchen to organize my home project lists. My girls also love doodling and coloring in these cute notebooks and once they are finished I can easily wipe the pages to use for next time. Pick up one of these cute Eco-friendly dry erase notebooks to keep track of your own to-do lists.

WipeNote Dry Erase Notebook - Mommy Scene

Beyouneeq Wipenote Notebook Highlights

  • Whimsical and colorful cover designs.
  • Sturdy dry erase pages you can use over and over again.
  • Comes with fine-tip dry erase pen.
  • Sized perfectly for travel and home use.

WipeNote Dry Erase Notebook for eco-friendly lists - Mommy Scene

WipeNote Dry Erase Notebook for lists and meal planning - Mommy Scene

Organize & Store Winter Clothing

When a season changes so do the clothing needs in our house. I like to put away jackets, gloves, and hats in organized bins so it’s easy to find everything next winter. I recommend cleaning your family’s winter gear and washing jackets, hats, and gloves before storing them away. Store big items (jackets and snow pants) in one large storage bin and pair gloves and wool socks and store them with hats and snow goggles in another bin. Mark each bin and store them in your basement or garage where they will stay dry and clean for next year! Storing your winter stuff away will make room for bringing out your family’s fun summer gear!

Refresh Windows, Rugs and Carpets Spring Cleaning - Mommy Scene

Refresh Windows, Rugs & Carpets

Cleaning with young kids underfoot can be hard so I focus on small projects one at a time.

Curtains & Blinds: Take down and wash your curtains to remove dirt and refresh them for the warm weather. Dust your blinds and wipe grimy areas with a damp cloth sprayed with a natural cleaner such as Genesis 960. Clean each window with Windex and wipe the dust from window sills. Work in one room at a time until you’ve cleaned each room in the house. Squeaky clean windows can make all the difference in making your home feel clean and welcoming.

Rugs & Carpets: Vacuum your floors in each room, removing rugs and shaking them outside to remove dirt. Lay each rug flat and give them a short vacuum to remove dust and pollen. Have professional carpet cleaning performed in the spring to start fresh and remove the winter weather dirt, salt residue and stains from family life.

Clean humidifiers for storage in the Spring - Crane Cool Mist cube humidifier - Mommy Scene

Heaters & Humidifiers: Put away any household essentials you won’t need in warm weather like this Crane Cube Cool Mist Humidifier. Make sure heaters are wiped down, cleaned of lint and dust, and properly stored to be used next year. Deep clean your humidifiers by using water and vinegar to sanitize the tank. Combine equal parts water and vinegar, pour it into the tank, swish it around and pour it out. You can soak any crusty areas in the vinegar solution to help remove mineral build up. Wipe down all the parts and allow the tank to fully air dry before storing it away.

I made the mistake of not properly cleaning our humidifier one year, only to find it was ruined the following year. Household appliances such as humidifiers can last a long time with regular care and proper cleaning before you put them away for the season.

I hope you enjoyed our Spring Cleaning tips! How do you encourage your kids to get involved in cleaning your home? Any of these cleaning tasks are great opportunities to teach kids life skills and encourage them to contribute to family life.

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4 years ago

These are great tips to organize a home for Spring. A refresher always feels great!