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Get Your Body Back In Time For Summer

I love summer. There’s nothing like a sunny day to put a smile on my face and a spring in my step. I love the warm weather but I do not look forward to sporting a swimsuit.

Babies change so much for us. They change our sleep habits, our schedules, and of course our bodies. The physical effects pregnancy has on a mom’s body can be long-lasting, even permanent. Most moms don’t just have a baby and bounce right back with a great postpartum body. Between recovery, exhaustion, and the responsibility of raising a tiny person, it’s hard to find time to get back into shape. Here are a few products to help you prepare for summer fun and regain your pre-baby self-confidence.

Between my daily tasks and the chaos of having a one year old who thinks the world is ending every time I shut the bathroom door, it’s important to me that whatever product I use works effectively in as little time as possible.

It Works wraps - Mommy Scene

It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator

Whether you’re just getting started on your weight loss journey, need a boost during a plateau, or you just cannot seem to lose that last few pounds, you’ll want to pick up an It Works! Wrap.

You may have heard of “That Crazy Wrap Thing,” the wrap that has taken the Internet and weight-loss community by storm as a safer, less drastic and even life-changing alternative to cosmetic surgery. The Wrap was developed as a proprietary formula by Luis Mijares, an herbalist, phytotherapist, and former CEO of a top pharmaceutical company. After discovering his weight-loss formula and wrap, he brought his research and results to Mike Pentecost, the CEO of what is now It Works! Global. Together they formed a multi-million dollar company whose brand promotes a lifestyle change, starting with the quick results of its body contouring wrap and continuing with its long line of other products ranging from essential oils to dietary supplements. A combination of beauty products and health products will help you to self-improve from the inside out.

The mint-scented It Works! Wrap is infused with a botanically-based proprietary formula, which is absorbed through your skin. It’s delivered into your system to reduce cellulite and give you a tighter, toner, firmer body. You can wrap most any problem area in your body. “You just apply the Ultimate Body Applicator, wait, and see the results” according to The Wrap Magazine.

Before you use your first wrap, you will want to spend some time preparing. Make sure you’ve got some great, healthy snacks on hand (to eat AFTER), a water bottle, and a full 45 minutes to rest. You’ll want to take a “before” picture and take measurements. The wrap is pretty user-friendly, as you just pull it out of the package, unfold it, and stick it to your target area. To keep it in place, you can buy the breathable, soft It Works! Fab Wrap or you can simply pick up a roll of saran wrap. You’ll want to keep your water bottle handy, as it is recommended to drink 20 to 40 ounces of water in that first hour! You can leave it on for 45 minutes up to 8 hours.

It Works body contouring wrap - Mommy Scene

You may not see results right away, and that’s okay! It may take a few wraps for your body to respond and give you the results you’re looking for, but that Is why each ultimate body applicator kit comes with 4 body contouring wraps, which can be used as frequently as every 72 hours. Make sure to take a before and after photo with each wrap, so you can see the progress as your body tones, firms, and detoxifies through this process.

You will get progressive results over the course of 3 days each time you use the wrap, as the It Works! Body Applicator works to visibly improve your target area. During this time, make it a point to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day. Try to eat and snack wisely to maximize the benefits of your wrap. For best results, use this with the It Works! Defining Gel which boosts the process of tightening and hydration.

It Works wrap and defining gel

I love that the It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator doesn’t interrupt my daily routine. The It Works! Wrap can be worn during the afternoon, while I cook, clean, or pay bills. I can even lose inches off my waist while sleeping!

If you are passionate about the topic of health management or weight loss – or if you want to learn how to get a discount on the wraps, lotions, or nutritional supplements you’ll want to think about becoming a “Wrapeneur” to spread the word about and take advantage of the It Works! extensive line of products!

It Works wrap review - Mommy Scene

Belli Stretch Mark Cream

Even when the weight comes off, we are often left with unwanted stretchmarks. They develop in about 90% of all pregnancies and often stick around for much longer afterwards. While they often signify the accomplishment of giving birth to our sweet little ones, they don’t have to take up permanent residency on our body. Some stretch marks fade on their own over time, but that could take years! So for those of you who would like to get rid of those stretchmarks in a timely manner, take heart!

Belli skincare stretchmark cream

Enter Stretchmark Minimizing Cream by Belli Skin Care Company. Packed with several effective and natural ingredients, Belli Stretchmark Minimizing Cream serves to soften, moisturize and even out skin tone. Each ingredient adds its own qualities to the mix to deliver results.

  • Darutoside heals, regenerates and acts as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Regestril regenerates and acts as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Lemon oil uplifts.
  • Chamomile soothes and refreshes.
  • Avocado softens and moisturizes.
  • Ginseng evens out the skin tone.
  • Vitamin E serves as an antioxidant and moisturizer.

The Belli Skin Care Company boasts a phthalate-free, artificial dye-free, preservative and fragrance-free formula which is clinically tested for allergies.

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The It Works Wrap and this stretchmark minimizing cream together offer a wonderful start to a healthier, happier, fitter you. Or perhaps the old, pre-baby you. These postpartum body woes could soon become a distant memory. Won’t it feel nice to feel confident again as you splash around at the pool with your kids?

Get your pre-baby body back for summer - Mommy Scene

Amy lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband and little boy. She loves being a stay-at-home mom, going on adventures, and exploring new places with her family.

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Brandon Sparks
Brandon Sparks
5 years ago

Great ideas. We will for sure be trying them. Will keep you posted.. Thanks so much..

5 years ago

I’ve never tried to wraps, but these are some great trips. My friends all love them, though!

5 years ago

I’ll be sure to pass these ideas on to the wifey!

Amanda Appiagyei
Amanda Appiagyei
5 years ago

I try hard to not feel self-conscious in my post-baby body, but of course, that’s never easy! I’ve never thought about trying these out, good idea!

Jasmine Hewitt
Jasmine Hewitt
5 years ago

i’ve tried these wrap things for the small pooch I have from my son almost 2 years ago and they never worked for me. 🙁 luckily I never got stretch marks!