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Kid-Friendly Cottage Cheese Pancakes

As moms we want our children to eat healthy, nutritious foods that will help them grow and keep their tummies full. Kids can be picky eaters so finding nutritious foods that they will enjoy eating can be a challenge! I want to share one of our family’s favorite go-to recipes for a healthy breakfast (or lunch or dinner for that matter!) which we have found most all kids will love — Cottage Cheese Pancakes. Full of cheesy, gooey goodness, kids will love these and parents will love that they are full of healthy proteins, calcium and nutrients to fuel kids throughout the day.

Yummy Cottage Cheese Pancakes - Mommy Scene

My husband does not like cottage cheese itself but these pancakes are his favorite! My 16-month-old gobbles these up faster than I can serve them so they are my go-to for a protein packed meal I know he won’t refuse. The original recipe came from the Frugal Foodie Family blog. I have adapted her recipe slightly, mostly because I never seem to have enough eggs for the original recipe and because I don’t want to bother separating egg whites!

Easy and Delicious Cottage Cheese Pancakes - Mommy Scene

This recipe is easy to adapt to your needs and tastes. Use whatever flour you like, be creative with toppings, use egg whites, double or halve the recipe to make more or less. I like to make extras to keep in the fridge as snacks or lunches for my son throughout the week.

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Give these pancakes a try, and get your kids involved in cooking with you too! Little ones love to be helpers and do things like mom does. My 16-month-old is too small to really help yet but I give him his own bowl and spoon to “cook” with while I am cooking. He loves to stir. I hope your family will enjoy this recipe as much as we have!

My son gobbled up his pancakes in no time at all! This universal plate from OXO is perfect for little eaters, available in a feeding set that includes plate, knife and spoon, bowl, and cup. The fork and spoon have soft, non-slip handles that are easy for little hands to hold and the plate has a non-slip base and high walls to help little ones learn to scoop their food.

Kid Friendly Cottage Cheese Pancakes recipe - Mommy Scene

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

4 tablespoons melted butter
1 1/4 cups whole milk cottage cheese
5 eggs (the original recipe called for 4 whole eggs and 4 egg whites)
8 tablespoons of flour (I have used white or whole wheat with good results)

Measure cottage cheese into a large bowl and use a fork or whisk to mash it up a bit (to make it less lumpy).
Add in eggs, flour and melted butter and  stir until combined.
Coat skillet with butter or cooking spray and pre-heat over medium heat.
Pour about 1/4 cup of batter per pancake (or make whatever size you like!).
Flip the pancakes once the sides start bubbling.
Serve immediately and top with maple syrup, fruit preserves, powdered sugar, butter, fresh fruit, etc.

Easy Cottage Cheese Pancakes for kids - Mommy Scene

What are your family’s favorite breakfast foods?

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3 years ago

This breakfast idea looks so yummy! Cottage cheese is delicious.