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Luxurious Organic Skincare

Founded by a stay-at-home-mom who desired to use only the best and most natural ingredients on her babies, Active Essentials is a luxury organic skincare line which offers products made with ONLY fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers for everyone in your family. I was sent several of their all natural bath and body products to try and have enjoyed using these luxurious natural skincare items on myself and my family.

Their mission at Active Essentials is to create products that are “100% natural & organic, free from chemicals and preservatives and safe for you, your baby and our planet.” Using recyclable packaging and biodegradable ingredients means that their products are not only safe for your family but also good for the world we live in. Active Essential’s products contain high quality all natural ingredients to nourish, heal and protect skin with essential oils, botanicals, and naturally found vitamins and minerals. I was sent a set of their soothing French Lavender and Chamomile products from their Kid’s line for my son and also some delicious smelling Healing Herbal Bath Tea and Lavender and Coconut Soothing Bath Milk to pamper my pregnant self with! I’m excited to share my thoughts on each item with you as I was very pleased with these organic skincare products.

Active Essentials Luxury Organic Skincare - Mommy Scene Review - Natural lavender body wash & shampoo for kids - makes for a great bath and bedtime routine!

Gentle Kid’s Body Wash & Shampoo

Their Lavender & Chamomile Gentle Kid’s Wash & Shampoo for Kids gently cleanses children’s delicate skin without stripping away it’s natural oils. Containing natural moisturizing and healing ingredients it soothes irritated skin and nourishes it with natural vitamins and minerals to keep skin and hair healthy and conditioned. The smell of the lavender oil and chamomile is wonderfully relaxing! I love using this wash for a pre-nap or bedtime bath to help calm and relax my active little boy. A little goes a long way, it suds up nicely and I found it rinses clean easily. It leaves his skin smelling nice and feeling soft and supple.

Active Essentials Organic Skincare - Mommy Scene Review - Lavender and Chamomile Bath, Body and Massage Oil - Use for a calming baby massage before bed time

Calming Bath, Body & Massage Oil

Active Essential’s French Lavender & Chamomile Calming Kid’s Bath, Body & Massage Oil is amazing to use during our bed time routine to prepare my little guy for sleeping. This Bath, Body & Massage oil was one of my favorites of the items I tried. It can be used multiple ways but I love giving my son a quick massage with the lavender oil right before bed to moisturize his skin (which is prone to eczema and dryness) and soothe him with the relaxing the aromatic scent of lavender. It absorbs quickly into his skin and keeps it feeling soft and hydrated. It’s also a great addition to his bath water and I’ve even used it on my husband when he’s stressed and needs a shoulder rub to wind down! This is a great item to have on hand for calming and comforting the ones you care for.

Active Essentials Organic Skincare - Mommy Scene Review - French Lavender and Chamomile Healing Body Balm - Use to heal children's scrapes and skin irritations naturally

Healing Body Balm

I also loved this French Lavender & Chamomile Healing Body Balm from Active Essentials, it’s one of those good staple products to have on hand for anyone with children! My son is constantly getting new scratches and bruises, usually from exploring outside or running in circles too fast. This natural healing balm has worked great to soothe and protect his scrapes and bruises and promote quicker healing of the skin. I’ve also used it as a diaper rash ointment as the lavender and chamomile are very soothing to irritated skin. This is another great product you could use on the rest of the family as well for anything from dry skin to bug bites!

Active Essentials Organic Skincare - Mommy Scene Review - Herbal Healing Bath Tea with Lavender and Chamomile - all natural bath tea to heal and cleanse skin, relax sore muscles and ease cold symptoms naturally

Herbal Blend Healing Bath Tea

This Herbal Blend of Healing Bath Tea not only smells heavenly but it’s beautiful to look at as well! Made with dried plants and flowers this lovely bath tea is perfect for pampering in a luxurious and healing way. The ingredients in this naturally cleansing healing bath tea helps to relieve cold symptoms, irritated skin (such as diaper rashes, eczema, allergic reactions and sunburns), soothes sore muscles and relieves stress and anxiety. Keep this on hand for when you or family isn’t feeling well and needs a relaxing pick-me-up. It’s also a great cleansing alternative to soap for little babies. I have loved using this during the last stages of my pregnancy when EVERYTHING is hurting, it’s a welcome relaxing relief.

Active Essentials Organic Skincare - Mommy Scene Review - Naturally moisturizing and healing coconut and lavender make this milk bath a rich treat for your skin

Lavender & Coconut Soothing Milk Bath

Another great item for expecting mothers, this Lavender & Coconut Soothing Bath Milk smells absolutely delicious and is incredibly moisturizing. The natural creamy coconut left my skin feeling so moisturized I didn’t need to use a lotion after my bath. There are many healing benefits from both coconut and lavender making this bath richly healing for the skin. It’s gentle enough to be used on anyone in your family including babies. Both the Healing Bath Tea and Soothing Milk Bath would make wonderfully thoughtful gifts to pamper any new or expecting mother in your life!

Active Essentials Luxury Organic Skincare - Mommy Scene Review - French Lavender and Chamomile all natural skincare products for Kids

I was impressed by the effectiveness and quality of all these luxurious and completely natural skincare items from Active Essentials. Since their products contain no synthetic chemicals, preservatives, dyes, or harsh chemicals you can feel confident that you’re using only the best most natural ingredients to pamper, heal and protect your little one’s skin. Since they offer beautiful gift packaging options, Active Essential’s luxurious skincare items for both moms and babies would make lovely shower gifts for the next shower you attend! Visit their website to see the full line of products thy offer or to build a gift basket for the special mamma in your life who deserves to be pampered with only the best ingredients!

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