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Tips to Manage Endless Laundry

Does anyone disagree that laundry can seem like an endless task? I used to wash our laundry casually but now with 3 kids I’ve found I need to pick a schedule to wash, dry and fold our laundry. Here are some tips to manage your endless laundry routine and keep your family from running out of clothes.

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Pick a Laundry Day

It’s helpful to choose a day out of your week to do laundry. Choosing a day helps you minimize the laundry piles and get the kids involved too! On laundry day you can ask each child to bring you their laundry baskets and help sort their clothes. I sort our laundry into whites and darks. I also air dry some clothing items such as t-shirts and tights, so laundry can be further sorted into “dryer” and “air dry” piles.

Set the Timer

Once you begin washing a load of laundry, set the timer so you can go back and move clothing to the dryer or air drying rack soon after the load ends. Setting the timer allows me to wash 2-3 loads of laundry methodically, instead of allowing the clean wet laundry to sit in the washer for 2 hours. Move wet clothing out of the washer and replace with another load.

Assign Laundry Tasks to your Kids

Kids can learn how to wash laundry at a young age by being involved in the laundry process. My kids can help hang up clothing that I want to air dry. They can help move clothing from the dryer to the laundry basket. My kids can also help fold our towels and wash clothes and match socks. Usually I fold piles of clothing for each child and ask them to put their own clean clothes into their drawers. Including my kids in my laundry routine makes it go much faster!

Nellie's All Natural laundry products

Use Effective Laundry Detergent

An effective laundry detergent is essential to make sure all your clothing items get clean. I typically use a natural stain remover on grass and food stains. I also use bleach spray to remove stains from white clothing. Nellie’s All Natural Wow Stick is helpful for getting out a variety of stains. I rub this stick on the stains on my daughter’s ballet tutu and the knees of her jeans and launder as usual. Many of the stains come out very well if not completely.

Natural home cleaning tips Nellie's Wow Stick - Mommy Scene review

Nellie’s 100-load Washing Soda tin is an effective Eco-friendly detergent for all general family laundry. Only 1 tablespoon of this highly-concentrated soda is needed for an entire load of dirty clothes. Because it is made with all natural ingredients, it leaves no residue on clothes after washing. It is approved for HE or regular washing machines. Plus it comes in an adorable reusable tin!

Nellie's 100-load Washing Soda tin

Nellie’s All-Natural is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their product line includes a variety of fantastic Eco-friendly laundry and kitchen cleaning products. All of Nellie’s products are hypoallergenic, biodegradable and free of toxins and phosphates so they are safe for your family.

I highly recommend Nellie’s laundry products! Your laundry will come out fresh and clean naturally! You can be confident that these laundry products are healthy for your family, home and the planet.


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