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Nature Up With Tom’s of Maine Natural Products

A healthy lifestyle isn’t something that’s easy to achieve overnight, but you can take significant steps towards natural living. One big lifestyle change you can make is to swap out your everyday essentials such as toothpaste and deodorant for natural alternatives. Tom’s of Maine offers lots of family essentials that make it simple and attainable to create healthy habits.

Get Back to School Ready with Tom's of Maine

My kids love the Silly Strawberry Toothpaste which aids them in learning how to brush their teeth. It has a slightly sweet taste and it gently cleans their teeth, available with or without fluoride. This natural toothpaste is also a creamy white color that doesn’t leave residue behind on the sink, something moms will definitely appreciate. We featured Tom’s of Maine kid-friendly natural toothpaste in our Back to School Basics.

Luminous White™ by Tom’s of Maine uses natural ingredients and advanced technology to whiten teeth, with results seen in 2 weeks. It removes surface stains instead of using fluoride like many regular toothpastes. It’s safe on enamel and formulated for everyday use, without containing artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. It’s also gluten free! You can use this natural toothpaste all year round.

Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant is also formulated using natural ingredients that effectively dries and minimizes perspiration. It does not contain aluminum, animal products, artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives. Tom’s of Maine discloses every ingredient in their deodorants, including where each ingredient is sourced. Featured in our Busy Mommy Purse Essentials!

As you can see, Tom’s of Maine offers a lot of great essentials for helping your family live a healthier lifestyle. These products are gentle and use only the best ingredients to clean and whiten teeth and deodorize perspiration.


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