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Potato Stamp Art Kids’ Activity

Potato stamp shapes are a fun way to make Valentines or holiday cards with your kids. All you need is a potato, knife, paint, and some imaginative creativity. Kids will think it’s a blast to paint with potatoes! My daughter loved stamping away with her potato stamps; mixing colors, adding glitter and making patterns. The best kind of activities use things that you already have in the kitchen!

Make Potato Stamp Shapes

All we did was cut up a potato and carve out a few simple shapes. I made the potato stamp shapes using a sharp knife to cut away the edges, leaving a raised shape. I left a chunk of potato on the back of the stamp, skin side out, to hold onto while using the stamp.

Potato stamp art - Mommy Scene

We made heart and star potato stamps. Enjoy them for one project because they don’t last; the potatoes turn brown.

Make your own potato stamps - Mommy Scene

We dipped each potato stamp into poster paint and stamped away. Our cards are sheets of cardstock folded in half.

DIY potato stamp shapes - Mommy Scene

Potato stamps are so easy and fun to make yourself! If you are really clever at carving out the shapes, you could make more detailed potato stamps. I had an impatient toddler looking on, so my heart and star potato stamps were very simple to cut out in just a few minutes.

Fun and colorful potato stamp art - Mommy Scene

We topped our potato stamp art with a shimmery dusting of glitter while the paint was still wet.

Potato stamp art kids' activity - Mommy Scene

What would you create with custom potato stamps? This potato stamp art activity is very easy to do it yourself, even with small children participating. Using the potato stamp shapes is a great way for toddlers and preschoolers to practice their motor skills too!

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Mandy P
Mandy P
4 years ago

I remember this from Girl Scouts! What a fun activity for a dreary winter day. Thanks for sharing!