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U-Konserve Lunchtime Gear

U-Konserve makes waste-free and reusable lunch-packing and food storage solutions for kids to help families reduce household trash and live greener lifestyles. Not only are U-Konserve mealtime products Eco-friendly but they feature eye-catching product designs.

U-Konserve’s Bamboo Spork comes with a bright orange mesh bag to keep it clean in between uses. This neon bag can be tucked into a lunchbox or purse for simple, on the go feeding. The spoon is ideal for use with baby food and the spoon-fork combination is perfect for a toddler or older child to use to feed themselves.

U-Konserve's Bamboo Spork

The spoon has a functional curve that makes scooping easy and the fork features full-size tongs. This spork is lightweight, durable and hand-finished with a food-safe oil. I’d recommend hand washing this bamboo utensil and storing it in the drawstring mesh pouch.

My toddler thinks U-Konserve’s Bamboo Spork is novel and fun to use since she can eat from both sides of the utensil. The natural wood color makes the feeding routine go more smoothly, since she is often distracted by the color of a utensil or wants to use a different color. U-Konserve’s spork is a great plastic-free utensil alternative for mealtimes.

U-Konserve Eco-friendly Snack Gear

U-Konserve’s Food Kozy Snack Bag looks similar to a printed zip-lock sandwich bag, but with an Eco-friendly twist. This practical reusable snack bag is made from sturdy BPA-free plastic that secures with a strip of velcro. The top folds over to secure the contents of the bag. It’s not airtight or water tight, so I’d recommend primarily using this bag to hold dry snacks.

The Food Kozy is a great alternative to disposable plastic baggies and can be used for sandwiches, crackers, dried fruit, and chips. It fits perfectly into a lunch box and is easy for a small child to open. It also comes in pink, orange and black in various prints.

U-Konserve's Food Kozy Snack Bag

U-Konserve offers a wide range of mealtime solutions and food storage containers. They also partner with schools to promote waste-free activities and encourage green living.

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