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Earth Day Activities and Eco-Friendly Kid Fashion

Looking for some fun Earth Day activities for your kids this year? There are all kinds of fun ways to teach your children about this amazing planet we live on and how to care for it. I personally believe that the best way to do that is to simply get them outdoors and cultivate a love for nature and an appreciation for the beauty of creation all around them! There’s no better way to learn than by exploring hands on! I love Earth Day projects that get us outside and get our hands dirty. Here are some fun activities we have planned for this Spring and some ideas for practical ways you can celebrate Earth Day!

Make A Worm Observation Jar

This worm observation jar kids’ project is a super fun way to see these earth movers up close! My son loves worms (and all living creatures really) so I thought a dirt and worms theme for Earth Day would be a lot of fun this year. Studying worms can also give you an opportunity to talk about composting, which creatures live in different habitats, and how some creatures help plants grow!

Earth Day Activities For Kids - Make a worm observation jar for fun hands on learning - Mommy Scene

So far we’ve had a lot of fun collecting worms from the garden and adding them to our jar of dirt. Look how proud my little guy is of his worm collection! The best time to look for worms is right after a rain shower. Try looking under rocks, bricks or piles of leaves for these wiggly creatures.

Make A Worm Observation Jar - Mommy Scene

Sure, you could buy a cup of worms from Walmart but half the fun of this DIY worm observation jar is getting your kids outside, encouraging them to get messy, and exploring nature. As you are hunting for worms in the dirt and under rocks, talk about all the plants, minerals and creatures you fine. Let your kids get dirty, explore and ask as many questions as they wish!

Explore nature by studying worms - Mommy Scene

When you’ve finished digging in the dirt, take a bath and wash up squeaky clean with a mildly sudsing soap. After your kids play outside, it’s often the perfect time for a bath! Live Clean makes a great Eco-friendly Gentle Moisture Tearless Baby Shampoo and Wash that leaves my little ones’ skin cleansed and moisturized.

Earth Day Activities and Eco-Friendly Kid Fashion - Clean up with this eco-friendly plant based baby shampoo and wash - Mommy Scene

I love the whole Live Clean Baby line and use their quality, Eco-friendly lotions and diapering products on both my babies daily. I appreciate that their products are affordable and made with mostly plant-based ingredients without hash chemicals or unnecessary additives. This Live Clean Baby Care gift set is perfect for giving as a baby shower gift! Check your local super markets or shop to find Eco-friendly body care products that are safe for the entire family.

Change Your Habits

If we want to teach our children to love and care for the earth we should be modeling that in our daily habits as well as our words. This Earth Day, think about changing your habits in some simple ways to encourage a more Eco-friendly way of living. One simple “go green” idea is to change your purchasing habits and support companies that offer greener alternatives. Go green in your wardrobe with, a fabulous online thrift and consignment shopping source for gently used clothing. Did you know millions of tons of textiles are dumped into landfills every year as used clothes are simply thrown out? Shopping second hand at not only saves you money on top name brands but it also supports our planet by keeping those used clothing items out of landfills.

Earth Day Activities And Eco-Friendly Kid Fashion - Shop second hand to save money and support the planet by keeping used items out of landfills - Mommy Scene

If you have little ones, taking time to browse a physical thrift store can be next to impossible. I love shopping online at clothing sites like from comfort of my home! I found exactly what I was looking for; they have a wide variety of my favorite clothing brands at a fraction of the retail price. This gently used clothing site isn’t limited to just kids’ clothing either. They offer a wide variety of clothing for the entire family, baby items, toys, books and games too! Everything I ordered arrived quickly and neatly packaged. I bought all these clothing items pictured as well as 3 like-new books (not pictured) for my son with the shopping credit generously given to me from for their Earth Day campaign which gives users a chance to shop in honor of Earth Day!

This Earth Day you can save an extra 25% on your first purchase at using coupon code: 25SPRING. Choose to shop Eco-friendly fashion and visit to see what fashionable clothing items you can save big on for your family this Earth Day!  Code expires 5/31/2017. Some exclusion may apply.

Make Earth Day Dirt & Worms Cups For A Fun Snack

Earth Day Activities For Kids - Simple and delcious chocolate Earth Day Dirt Cups for a dirt and worms theme day! - Mommy Scene

How cute are these dirt cups with edible herbs made with chocolate pudding, cookie crumbles, and herb leaves?! I love the idea of using herbs to make it look like a sprouting plant. I personally would like to use mint sprigs since I think it would be tasty with the chocolate pudding. Of course I will probably throw in some gummy worms for my little man, in keeping with the dirt and worms Earth Day theme we have going on. These easy-to-make treats would be perfect for an Earth Day party or classroom snack to celebrate Earth Day.

DIY Worm Observation Jar - Mommy Scene

We are thrilled for the arrival of warmer weather and look forward to spending time outside daily this summer. There is beauty to be seen all around us. From the tiny crawling earthworm to the tall majestic oak tree, creation is all so perfectly designed by our Creator. How are you planning to celebrate Earth Day this year?  Get out and enjoy this beautiful planet!

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3 years ago

Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you sharing this and love the rest of your site.

3 years ago

Way cool! I love the worm jar to see them up close.