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2016 Summer Kids Faves & Essentials

Is your family on the go this summer? Do your kids ask you for inspiration for how to fill their summer afternoons? We are excited to share some of our personal Summer Kids’ Favorites for traveling with kids, feeding and playtime, hygiene and naturally formulated body care, and more! Also included in our Summer Kids’ Faves are best sellers for families with kids and universal necessities for toddlers and babies. Inspire your kids with sensory activities, keep your kids cooler during the summer heat, and make family vacations a little easier with these great summer kids’ products!

Summer Faves – Activities & Toys

Summer for kids means lots of fun and play, but summer play time can still include educational activities! We love these sensory themed Discovery Boxes and science-inspired magnetic tiles from Magformers. Kids can have fun and develop their motorskills and imagination! Celebrate important milestones with the Complete Tooth Fairy Kit. And any girl will love one of these darling WellieWishers dolls from American Girl, designed for ages 5+!

WellieWishers American Girl's newest collection of dolls Summer Kids EssentialsDiscovery Box sensory bins Summer Kids Essentials

The WellieWishers are American Girl’s newest collection of dolls, featuring 5 friends who love dressing up, stomping in mud puddles, putting on shows, and being a good friend. A great summer kids’ toy, each WellieWishers doll comes in a darling outfit and cute little Wellie boots. WellieWishers are designed for girls ages 5 and older and have beautifully detailed hair, faces, and features. They also star in their own series of childrens’ books.

Discovery Box sensory bins feature a sensory medium such as dried beans, moldable play sand, or water beads as well as a variety of creatures and colorful accents within a closable sensory storage box. Kids will love practicing their motor skills scooping up the sensory medium and discovering sparkling gems hidden among the mineature plants and flowers. Discovery Box themes include Ocean Exploration, Dinosaur World, Rainforest, Butterfly Garden, and Creepy Crawlers — a fun sensory bin to engage kids in imaginative play and continue preschool learning during the summer.

Tooth Fairy Kit Baby Tooth Album Summer Kids EssentialsMagformers magnetic tiles Summer Kids Essentials

This darling Tooth Fairy Kit includes a Baby Tooth Album to save and organize those tiny treasures in a one-of-a-kind baby tooth library, customizable with a picture of your child’s toothless smile! Many kids eagerly anticipate losing their first tooth; this tooth album will make losing a tooth a treasured experience and offer your child a keepsake as they grow older.

Magformers magnetic tiles snap together to create all sorts of engineering wonders, including towers, castles, shapes, spheres, and cubes. Magformers encourage preschoolers and young children to develop critical thinking and motor skills, a fun summer toy to encourage preschool learning. My 4-year-old loves constructing 3-D creations with these easy-to-connect magnetic building blocks.

Summer Faves – Kids’ Travel & Safety

While you’re traveling with your family and having fun this summer, safety is also important. Our Summer Kids’ Faves includes several essential items for traveling with kids in the car, exploring the great outdoors on a family vacation, or securing your child on an airplane. A compact stroller is also a must have, along with the ability to keep your child comfortable with a cooling seat liner.

Catchie Concepts Summer Kids EssentialsLulaClips Summer Kids Essentials

Keep your child’s things all in one place with this handy catcher that goes under your child’s car seat space. Especially handy for family summer travel, Catchie Concepts keeps toys, bottles, snacks, shoes, and blankets close and easy to retrieve, and keeps your car floor cleaner.

Magnetic Lula Clips solve the problem of searching for your car seat buckles after you’ve placed your child in the car seat. Simply attach the magnet clips to the sides of the seat and keep the buckles out of the way as you place your baby in the seat. These car seat clips are especially handy to not overly jostle and wake up your child if they are already asleep while you are placing them in their car seat.

Mima Bo Baby Stroller Summer Kids EssentialsGeleeo Stroller Self-Cooling Liner Summer Kids Essentials

Every parent knows a reliable compact stroller is a must-have for summer travel with a baby. This modern mima bo umbrella stroller offers fashion and function within an attractive stroller design that folds up for compact storage.

Keep baby cool during summer park dates with this award-winning Geleeo cooling stroller liner featuring a high-tech proprietary hydrogel which provides a constant and gentle cooling sensation. It’s an Eco-friendly way to keep your little ones cool in the hot summer weather, no refrigeration, freezing, or batteries required.

Baby Rescue Summer Kids EssentialsAirplane Safety Harness Summer Kids Essentials

Baby Rescue safely evacuates babies and small children in the event of an emergency or fire. Designed by a firefighter, this unique Baby Rescue bag has a soft design and mesh panel that conforms to a baby’s body, allowing a baby to be safely lowered out of an endangered building with a 60 foot grip line that’s safe up to 5 stories.

Are you flying on an airplane with your kids this summer? Kids Fly Safe Airplane Safety Harness is the only FAA-approved airplane safety harness for babies and toddlers to keep them secured in an airplane. It attaches to the airplane seat belt, converting the airplane seat into a 5-point harness that has a similar style to a car seat, offering a practical addition to your summer kids’ gear.

Summer Faves – Feeding & Snacktime

Feeding gear for kids can pile up fast! We’ve learned to cut the clutter by choosing several handy feeding items that are easy to clean in the dishwasher and travel-friendly. Glass and silicone dishwear and stainless steel bottles keep food and beverages fresh and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. These unique spinning cups and suction bowls are perfect for dining out with kids, and homemade ice pop sleeves, reusable food pouches and cloth snack bags allow kids to easily take healthy snacks on the go.

Brinware Glass and Silicone Dishware Summer Kids EssentialsHugabugg Hugabowl Summer Kids Essentials

If you prefer your kids use plastic alternatives for feeding and snack time, Brinware tempered glass and silicone dishware is a great solution for enjoying summer meals. These dishes feature tempered glass fitted within a silicone sleeve and decorated with modern kid-inspired designs such as owls, fish, and flowers.

If you’ve had a toddler throw their bowl from their high chair, you will recognize the ingenious design behind Hugabowls. This toddler feeding bowl has a unique suction cup vacuum system that keeps the bowl in place on any surface so baby can eat happily and the floor stays clean.

Bambu feeding spoons Summer Kids EssentialsnuSpin Kids Cups Summer Kids Essentials

bambu products come from nature and are created in a way that supports sustainable business practices. These bambu feeding spoons are favorite utensils at our house. My baby loves the bambu spork design, doublesided with a spoon and fork! The small size empowers my toddler to feed herself and learn how to scoop her own food. bambu feeding utensils are a healthy, natural alternative to plastic and fun and functional.

nuSpin Kids spinning cups encourage kids to drink water with an entertaining pinwheel that turns when children drink. These cups also use straws that are preferred by pediatric dentists. These cups make drinking water and keeping kids hydrated fun!

Pacific Baby Insulated Baby Bottle Summer Kids EssentialsZipzicles Summer Kids Essentials

Pacific Baby stainless steel bottles are an Eco-friendly way to keep beverages hot or cold for up to 10 hours. Convient for travel, outings and home feedings, both babies and kids can use these high quality thermal baby bottles. My toddler still enjoys the occasional bottle of milk, and I can use the same stainless BPA-free bottle for our 6-month-old.

Zipzicle zip-top pops allow you to make your own homemade popsicles by simply filling the ice pop sleeve with your favorite smoothie or juice, zipping it closed, and freezing. Homemade healthy popsicles are easy to make large batches, perfect for parties and healthy snacking.

Yummi Pouch Summer Kids EssentialsPouch Buddy Summer Kids Essentials

We also take healthy snacks on the go in Yummi Pouch cloth snack bags and reusable baby food pouches. Yummi Pouch cloth bags open with a zipper that my toddler can open herself. These modern cloth snack bags are ideal to hold dry snacks like pretzels and crackers and pieces of fruit. Yummi Pouch reusable food pouches allow me to make homemade baby food for my baby and easily take it on the go. My other children also enjoy smoothies in these convient Eco-friendly reusable food pouch containers.

PouchBuddy is an innovative feeding tool that attaches to a baby food pouch allowing your child to easily grasp the pouch and feed themselves. This food pouch attachment is easy to clean and fits on most food pouches that have a top feeding spout.

Summer Faves – Basic Essentials

What do you have going on this summer? Is baby learning to walk? Are you celebrating a child’s birthday? Matilda Jane’s darling clothing is perfect for dressing up or just romping in the sunshine. Wet and dry bags are ideal for stowing wet clothes after playing at the splash pad. Our Summer Kids’ Faves collection has babies covered as well with this beautifully modern designer stroller and universal pacifier clip to keep binkies off the ground.

Matilda Jane Clothing Summer Kids EssentialsButtons Diapers Wet Bag Summer Kids Essentials

Matilda Jane Clothing offers darling tops, pants and dresses for modern little girls. Matilda Jane Clothing’s designs are playful and expressive, featuring whimsical textures, patterns and colors that capture the imagination of childhood. My girls always look so adorable in Matilda Jane outfits!

OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light Summer Kids EssentialsDanny the Penguin Night Light Summer Kids Essentials

This light up OK to Wake kids’ clock and penguin night light provides comfort in the dark and practical training encouraging kids to stay in bed. Parents can set the OK to Wake clock to light up at a specific time, letting kids know when it’s time to get out of bed. This darling penguin night light features five illumination colors and a soothing color-change mode that kids can choose themselves.

We use Buttons Diapers wet bags to store soiled cloth diapers, wet clothes, and splash pad towels. The PUL fully containes any smells and sturdy straps allow these wet bags to be hung on a doorknob or stroller handle. Buttons’ modern wet bags come in 3 cute summery prints and 4 sizes.

My Early Steps Summer Kids EssentialsXari Designer Baby Stroller Summer Kids Essentials

This unique My Early Steps baby walker offers a safe and natural approach to encouraging a baby who is learning how to walk. My Early Steps is supported by the parent and cradles a baby’s torso and allows them to use own hands for balance. The baby also has clear view of feet so they can practice the skills a baby needs to walk on their own.

The beautifully designed xari designer baby stroller is where luxury and comfort meet, with a reversible seat that allows a baby to face the parent or face forwards and discover the world. The triple layered, fan-style canopy offers partial, minimal or total shade. The xari stroller also compactly folds up with the simple press of a button.

Booginhead PaciGrip Summer Kids EssentialsDiaper Hero Summer Kids Essentials

Booginhead PaciGrips come in a wide variety of styles and fits all pacifier types with a strong clasp that won’t pull off. These pacifier clips are convenient for holding small toys close at hand, keeping pacifiers off the ground, and securing teethers.

DiaperHero is a unique approach to monitoring your baby’s diapers. This baby scale and associated mobile app automatically records the weight of each diaper using a Bluetooth scale and generates reports, graphs, and updates. The app allows for easy share of info with your Pediatrician to monitor any changes in your baby’s diapers over time.

Summer Faves – Bath, Body & Hair Care

Our Summer Kids’ Faves also includes natural alternatives for glamour and hygiene. Piggy Paint is a classic option for natural nail polish, and they’ve expanded their line to include hair detangler. Scented soap-based moldable soap makes bath time interactive and fun, and these cute hooded towels are perfect for drying your child off after a bath or playing in the sprinkler.

Piggy Paint Summer Kids EssentialsRock the Locks Detangler Summer Kids Essentials

Piggy Paint is a natural nail polish alternative designed for little girls who love painting their nails. It’s as “natural as mud” and comes in a huge variety of colors and even glitter hues! My daughter loves painting her nails and Piggy Paint allows her to enjoy chemical-free manicures and pedicures. Piggy Paint stays on fairly well throughout regular play and is made in the USA! It’s pretty cute having little girls who love dressing up and being glamorous; and Piggy Paint is a great option for nail painting fun without the chemicals. Piggy Paint also offers a natural hair detangler, Rock the Locks, a non-aerosol spray that’s ozone friendly, also made in the USA using essential oils and organic ingredients that are safe for all ages.

Sudsy Dough Moldable Soap Summer Kids Essentials Little Ashkim Hooded Towel Summer Kids Essentials

Sudsy Dough Moldable Soap is a natural sensory bath time activity that doubles as soap-based playdough and body wash. It’s scented and makes soapy lather when rubbed on the skin. Sudsy Dough makes bath time a fun sensory experience for kids. This soap dough is available in a variety of fragrances and colors and each ball of modable soap has a surprise bath toy hidden inside. My daughters enjoy using Sudsy Dough during their baths and it’s encouraged them to learn how to wash themselves as they play in the bath tub.

When bath time is over, dry off with a fluffy Little Ashkim hooded towel, made of rayon from bamboo and Turkish cotton fibers which are silky soft on your little one’s skin. These Turkish bamboo towels are super absorbent as well and chemical free. Little Ashkim towels come in a variety of hooded animal styles, making your little one look like a kitty, bear, dino, and panda.

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