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DIY Sugar Sand Kids’ Activity

DIY Sugar Sand Kids’ Activity

Sugar sand is a super fun activity to do with your kids. You can make it any color or fragrance you want, and kids will love scooping it up and discovering hidden treasures under the sand! You can make your own sugar sand in just a few easy steps.

  • In a food processor, mix together 2 cups sugar with 2 cups cornstarch until fully blended and “sandy”.
  • Add 1-2 milliliters of soap fragrance or essential oils and food coloring.

Sugar sand is technically edible but tastes similar to fondant. It’s non-toxic, especially if you use food-based fragrances and colorants, but we also wouldn’t recommend eating it in large amounts. The sugar gives it the sandy feel and also allows it to stick together for sculpting if moistened.

Mommy Scene - DIY Sugar Sand is easy to make in a food processor

We made Blueberry Sugar Sand and Strawberry Sugar Sand. You could also experiment with mixing different colors, layering, and mixing in various textures (glitter, beads, and small pom poms) for your child to explore. Let your child pick what she wants to add to the sand. For boys, you could add small legos or tiny characters for them to excavate and discover.

Mommy Scene - Blueberry sugar sand

Sugar and cornstarch sand is a fun activity for your kids to help make too! My daughter loves helping me cook, even at age 3. I love including her in every activity I can, to expand her knowledge, motor skills, and love for learning new things.

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Mommy Scene - Strawberry sugar sand

Mommy Scene - homemade sugar sand with sensory treasure box

Sugar Sand Discovery Treasure Box

Have your child excavate their favorite toys. They will be excited to discover so many treasures! We put some dolls, tiny cups, sparkly pom poms, jewels, and several marbles in our discovery box. My daughter had lots of fun finding the surprises, and once she was done I put the box away with the toys still inside to play with again next time!

Mommy Scene - DIY sugar sand excavation

We even themed our box to be Frozen-inspired. Anna and Elsa look right at home surrounded by so many blue, sparkly things. Playing with sugar sand would make a great activity for a birthday party, since you could theme the sand and toys to match the party theme, and kids could take the surprises they discover home as party favors!

Mommy Scene - Scooping homemade sugar sand

Store your sugar and cornstarch sand in a glass jar or bottle. It won’t really dry out, but a jar will keep it clean and ready for the next playtime!

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DIY Sugar Sand - store in a glass jar for next time

Sugar sand is a very low-maintenance activity that impressively holds a child’s attention. It’s easy to make, easy to quickly get out, and can be used to teach colors, textures, and motor skills.

DIY Sugar Sand - sensory kids activity

Bring the Beach Home with Sugar Sand

Sugar sand is a fun way to encourage sensory exploration of different textures, just like a child would experience at the beach! We even mixed in some star sprinkles! I let my child play on the floor, on top of a vinyl tablecloth for easy clean-up. Sugar sand easily vacuums up too!

Playing with sugar sand - Mommy Scene

Sugar Sand Cupcakes & Castles

Sugar and cornstarch sand gets really sticky when wet! You can sculpt it into cupcakes, sand castle, or creatures using fun sand molds. When you want to dry it out again, just put it back into the food processor with more cornstarch and blend until it’s back to its original sandy texture.

Homemade sugar sand cupcakes

We hope your own little ones enjoy playing with sugar sand! Mix some up for your own family using ingredients already in your kitchen — Sugar and cornstarch — and let the fun begin!

Mommy Scene - Fun Sugar Sand activity for kids

What will you create with sugar sand?

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