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Homemade Sensory Snow Activity

Homemade Sensory Snow Activity

DIY Sensory Snow is a fun way to have a snow day any time of the year! Homemade play snow is easy to make with a few simple ingredients and encourages hours of sensory play time. Bright out your DIY play snow on scorching summer days for some snowman-inspired fun. We made snow cupcakes and a snowman and had lots of fun sculpting our homemade snow into fluffy white balls.

To make homemade sensory snow, mix 3 boxes of baking soda with a cup of white conditioner and as much glitter as you want. This will create a dough-like consistency that holds together but also melts apart with handling. Let y
our child help mix the snow together for a hands-on kids’ activity. My daughter loves measuring out ingredients and helping in the kitchen whenever possible. She was excited to help make the homemade sensory snow we were creating just for her!

How to Make DIY Sensory Snow - Mommy Scene

DIY Snow Instructions

  • Mix 3 boxes of baking soda with a cup of white conditioner.
  • Add as much glitter as you want.
  • Stir until the homemade snow reaches a moldable consistency.
  • Enjoy playing with fun sensory snow!

DIY Sensory Glitter Snow - Mommy Scene

Homemade Sensory Play Snow - Mommy Scene

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DIY Sensory Snow kids activity - Mommy Scene

DIY Glitter Sensory Snow Snowman

DIY Snow encourages imaginative play for toddlers and preschoolers. It’s fun to squish and mold into powdery snow balls, snowmen, and igloos. Or make cute glittery white cupcakes decorated with sparkly beads and jewels.

DIY Sensory Snow sparkly cupcakes - Mommy Scene

My daughter had a lot of fun scooping and molding our DIY Snow made with baking soda and conditioner. She made cupcakes and a snowman decorated with beads, hairbands, and a re-purposed bottle cap for a hat.

DIY sensory snowman activity - Mommy Scene

Making DIY sculpting snow is an awesome preschool activity for hands on sensory play!

Homemade sensory glitter snow for kids - Mommy Scene

What are some of your favorite kids’ activities for a open afternoon? We hope you enjoy trying out our DIY sensory snow; let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

Fun sensory snow activity for kids - Mommy Scene

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Tiffany C

This snow activity would be so fun for rainy days!

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This interactive kids’ project is so cute!

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This looks like a ton of fun! I need to try this with my son.