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9 Awesome Fall-Inspired Kids Turkey Crafts

Seasonal decorations are a fun way to celebrate the holidays! My kids love making holiday-inspired paper crafts. Homemade kids turkey crafts add a personal touch to holiday decor and allow kids to show off their creativity and contribute to the festivities!

Paper plate turkey craft

Create a Thanksgiving-inspired turkey paper plate craft with construction paper and tissue paper. Kids will have fun gluing on the shapes and choosing colors for the feathers. Embellish this idea further by using patterned scrapbook paper. See the full kids turkey craft tutorial at

Thanksgiving rice crispy pops kids turkey crafts

These chocolate covered rice crispy treats make a festive, simple dessert for kids! See the full tutorial at

Creative DIY Hand Turkey fun fall kids activity

Make creative hand turkeys by tracing your child’s hand onto a piece of colored paper, cutting out the shape and decorating it with paper feathers. Paper hand turkeys can also be customized with names and used as cute place cards for the Thanksgiving table!

Thanksgiving paper cones kids turkey craft

Colorful turkey cones will make anyone smile. To create them, roll a piece of paper into a cone, glue or tape it to keep it’s shape, and decorate it with feathers and construction paper. See the full tutorial at

Thanksgiving thankful tree craft

Show off the things you are thankful for with a pretty paper leaf tree. Use this idea as a family activity to celebrate your blessings together, a super cute fall decorating idea. See the full tutorial at

Thanksgiving turkey snack bags

Make festive turkey snack bags using kitchen gloves. The perfect holiday snacks and kids turkey crafts to share at a playdate or to take to school. See the full tutorial at

Thanksgiving turkey holiday wreath

A tulle turkey wreath is a colorful way to celebrate Thanksgiving and it will stand out on your door even from the curb! Learn how to make your own turkey wreath at

Thanksgiving painted leaf art kids turkey crafts

Even toddlers can do a simple leaf painting project. Tape leaves onto a piece of paper and have your kids paint on top of them. Remove the leaves to show the inverted leaf outlines. See the full tutorial at

Thanksgiving thankful box

A turkey-inspired thankful box is the perfect way to count your blessings. Embellish a tissue paper box with a construction paper “turkey body” and colorful feathers. Have each family member write down something they are thankful for and put it in the box, and read them together on Thanksgiving. See the full tutorial at

Have you tried any of these kids turkey crafts with your kids?

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9 Awesome Fall-Inspired Kids Turkey Crafts

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