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Baby Bath Time Favorites

Bath time can be a fun time of day or it can be a battle. It’s always fun to find a product or toy that makes bath time a fun event. Some families make bath time part of their bedtime routine. In our family it can be challenging to give all three kids a bath every single night, but they still enjoy a sudsy play time soak several times a week. Here are some of our favorite bath time toys that make cleaning little ones interactive and fun.

Yookidoo International knows what kids like when it comes to taking baths. They offer a diverse selection of bath toys with all the bells and whistles. We had a chance to try out the Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout by Yookidoo Intl. and the Submarine Spray Station. Both of these bath play sets use water and bright colors to engage kids in a fun water play activity during bath time.

The Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout has a base that goes underwater and sucks up water through the spout, allowing kids to fill up the stacking cups that have friendly little eyes. One of the cups has a hole in the bottom, allowing water to flow through and activate the pinwheel attached to the bottom, teaching water-operated physics and cause and effect. The more water poured into the cup, the faster the pinwheel spins.

The Submarine Spray Station has a submarine that goes underwater and sprays water through the kid-friendly shower wand on the opposite end. You can use this wand to fill up the interactive play station with water through two top funnels, which make the googly eyes spin, sprays water out of small holes, and also spins a pinwheel. Kids can even use the Submarine Spray Station shower wand to wash their own hair and body, teaching them good hygiene habits. Both of these fun interactive bath products are 2016 Green Scene Mom Award Winners, celebrating creative product design and innovation!

Yookidoo Intl. bath toys - Green Scene Mom Award Winner

Submarine Spray Station Yookidoo Intl. - Green Scene Mom Award Winner

Yookidoo Submarine Station kids' bath toy - Mommy Scene

Sudsy Dough Moldable Soap

Sudsy Dough Moldable Soap is a fun way to teach kids how to wash themselves. This moldable, scented soap dough is moisturizing thanks to shea butter and beeswax and it comes in fragrances Merry Mangy, Sassy Strawberry, Bubbly Blueberry, and Awesome Apple. Each 12 ounce tub of Sudsy Dough also has a surprise bath toy hidden inside. Kids can rub Sudsy Dough onto their skin as body wash or make squishy soapy shapes in the bath. This soap dough dissolves over time so it doesn’t clog your tub, so make sure to put any extra Sudsy Dough back in the tub to use next time! My girls love playing with Sudsy Dough along with their bath time crayons, a fun way to do bath time art and get clean at the same time!

Sudsy Dough moldable soap bath activity - Mommy Scene

Sudsy Dough moldable soap bath activity for kids - Mommy Scene

TOMY Interactive Bath Toys

TOMY also offers several interactive bath toys to engage little ones. Some of our favorites have been this TOMY Bath See Under The Sea Submarine which lights up and plays music underwater. Kids can press periscope to hear lifelike submarine sounds and press the launcher to make captain walrus dive into the water with a splash.

TOMY interactive kids bath toys - Mommy Scene

Other fun bath toys include the TOMY Bath Water Whistler and TOMY Bath Rocket Fountain.

Interactive TOMY Bath Toys review - Mommy Scene

Active Essentials Natural Body Care

Active Essentials is a luxury organic skincare company offering safe products for babies, kids and adults that are made with ingredients from fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers. Active Essentials products are free of any harsh chemicals, chemical preservatives and synthetic fragrances. I especially like the Active Essentials Egyptian Calendula & Aloe Baby Body Wash & Shampoo because it goes on silky smooth and gently cleanses. It made from a hypoallergenic formula that won’t strip baby’s delicate skin and hair of its natural oils. It’s even infused with coconut oil, wonderful for naturally cleansing and moisturizing the skin!

Active Essentials Organic skincare for babies - Mommy Scene

The Egyptian Calendula Calming Baby Bath, Body & Massage Oil is made without essentials oils for baby’s extra sensitive skin. It gently moisturizes and replenishes baby’s delicate skin with essential nutrients and vitamins. I’ve found baby oil effective for soothing and treating cradel cap and dry elbows and knees. Active Essentials Egyptian Calendula & Comfrey Healing Baby Balm is also helpful for relieving dry patches of eczema. Active Essentials baby balm is made of nutrient dense, soothing vegetable oils and enhanced with calendula extract to prevent irritation and promote rapid healing of your baby’s delicate skin. It also has antiseptic properties which ease the pain of diaper rash and help to prevent infection.

Active Essentials luxurous baby products is a 2016 Green Scene Mom Award Winner!

Active Essentials luxurious Organic baby care - Mommy Scene

Active Essentials Egyptian Calendula baby care - Mommy Scene

Active Essentials Organic Egyptian Calendula baby skincare products - Mommy Scene

Breganwood hooded towels for babies and kids are made from super soft Organic cotton and designed with timeless styles. This cute hooded baby towel is from Breganwood’s Jungle line and it’s decorated with whimsical elephant designs. I like how Breganwood incorporates colorful modern designs into their soft fabrics. This hooded towel is very soft and plushy, perfect for drying off after a warm bath time. Breganwood hooded towels are also generously sized so baby can wrap up in it.

Soft Organic Breganwood hooded towel for babies - Mommy Scene

Soft Breganwood Organic Cotton hooded towel for babies - Mommy Scene

Cute Jungle Breganwood hooded towel for babies - Mommy Scene

Do your kids have a favorite bath time routine? We love keeping things fun and encouraging interactive play and sharing between our 3 young children. Each of these bath time favorites are a great idea for holiday gifts, a baby shower, or a toddler birthday. Teaching kids how to wash themselves and take regular baths is a basic skill that will help them be more independent and take care of themselves. It’s possible to turn bath time into an interactive activity that kids look forward to!

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