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Cool Stuff for Girly Girls

Little girls bring with them lots of love, emotions, affection, tutus, and enthusiasm for accessorizing and creating pretty things. I have 2 girls in my house, and while I didn’t grow up with a sister myself, I’m quickly learning how to navigate the sister dynamic in our family. Most of the time we have lots of fun and special times together. My girls love playing pet shop and coloring alongside each other. Here are some fun outfits, accessories, and toys that were designed especially for little girls!

American Girl Matching Outfits

American Girl is one of my all-time favorite brands, with darling dolls and outfits that are both modern and timeless. I have wonderful memories of playing with my own American Girl doll as a girl and I’m excited that my girls will be able to make similar memories by playing together. American Girl has changed alot in the past few years with new BeForever Doll releases, introducing the WellieWishers dolls, and expanding their line of matching outfits for girls and their dolls. This year’s collection of American Girl holiday dresses are beautiful and perfect for celebrating Christmas. I love this Merry Magenta lacy holiday dress that comes in sizes for a girl and her American Girl doll. The doll’s dress is accessorized with a matching purse, shoes and a headband. If your daughter loves to dress up, this is a perfect gift idea and she will love matching her American Girl doll!

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American Girl Matching Outfits - Mommy Scene

Earzings Pierce Free Earring Gift Sets

Earzings are designed for little girls who love accessorizing but don’t have their ears pierced. These earrings slip over a little girl’s earlobe and stay in place thanks to the unique spiral design. Earzings recently introduced these darling gift sets that include a pair of pierce-free earrings and a matching necklace, inside a shimmery box detailed with a bow. Your little girl may love Earzings so much that she may put off getting her ears pierced. Earzings perce-free earrings are also great for girls with super sensitive skin who have trouble with their pierced ears. Earzings are a maintenance-free earring solution! I love these darling gift boxes and cute necklaces that are sized perfectly for little girls. These boxed sets come in a variety of Earzings styles.

Earzings Pierce Free Earring Gift Sets - Mommy Scene review

Livie & Luca Girls Sparkle Shoes

If your little girl loves shoes, look no further than Livie & Luca! This adorable shoe brand for children offers so many options for girls and boys. I especially love their girls’ shoe line of soft leathers, shimmery materials, die-cut designs, and muted colors accented by silver dots, leather accents, and contrasting hues. You will always find something you love from Livie & Luca!

Livie and Luca Girls Sparkle Shoes - Mommy Scene review

Livie and Luca adorable high quality kids shoes - Mommy Scene review

Livie & Luca shoes for girls are beautifully detailed. These pink high top girl’s shoes have 3 strips of Velcro so kids can easily put them on by themselves, grippy shoe soles embellished with a honeycomb texture, and shimmery pink fabric contrasting darker pink with silver dots. Who knew kids’ shoes could be so gorgeous? Every functional detail of these shoes is fashionably designed.

Livie and Luca Girls Sparkle high top shoes and Screaming Owl dress - Mommy Scene review

Livie & Luca shoes also go with everything and can be dressed up or dressed down for casual wear. This adorable ruffle dress is from Screaming Owl, a company that offers boutique bargains at amazing prices. Their business model is interesting; they collect a group order before ordering directly from the manufacturer, which means pricing is low but shipping time can take 6-8 weeks. I was aware of this ahead of time and I didn’t mind waiting, this outfit is adorable and only cost $12!

Counting with Puppies

Puppy Up Kids Counting Game - Mommy Scene

It’s always fun to find a game that is engaging for kids and educational too! My daughter loves this fun Puppy Up Game from PlayMonster that helps kids learn how to count, add, subtract, and practice other basic math skills. It also teaches basic concepts of physics with the cute puppy scale. My 2 and 4 year old daughters have a lot of fun playing this game and counting the puppies onto the scale!

Milk & Cookies Nail Polish Splat Collection

If your little girl loves nail polish, check out the new kids’ nail polish line from Milk & Cookies. This fun set came in a clear paint bucket full of colorful confetti paper strips; a beautiful gift idea for girls who love beauty products. Milk & Cookies nail polish comes in a variety of colors, shades, and even sparkle polish.

The Splat collection emphasizes colors and fun textures allowing children to express themselves through color while keeping it safe and playful. Milk & Cookies nail polish comes in 14 new shades of the rainbow from pink to green and everything in between.

Splat Milk and Cookies Nail Polish set - Mommy Scene

Milk and Cookies Splat Nail Polish set - Mommy Scene

We received a Milk & Cookies set including purple, blue, and glitter nail polish, pink glitter toe separators, Milk & Cookies lip balm, and a striped nail file. Everything came in this cute clear paint can filled with colorful paper confetti!

Splat Milk and Cookies Nail Polish set in a clear paint can - Mommy Scene

What is your little girl’s favorite thing to do? My girls love painting their nails, having DIY spa days, setting up play tea parties, and being included in baking projects and art projects.

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5 years ago

I have no idea about kids and stuff but kind of liked this post. I see why pink suits girls so much.

Missy B
Missy B
5 years ago

How fun! I love the matching dresses, my sister and I loved that as girls 🙂 And those shoes are adorable!