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Fun Kids’ Party Ideas

Fun Kids’ Party Ideas

My kids love having parties. A successful kids’ party requires a few key elements; fun food, creative kid-friendly games, and cute crafts and activities! We’ve hosted a few little parties for my daughter’s friends; a fun opportunity to make some yummy food that I don’t have to eat all by myself! Baking for others is the best kind of inspiration. Here are the basic things needed for a fun and easy party for kids.

Fun Kids' Party Ideas and Food - Mommy Scene

Healthy Snacks & Creative Treats

Our kids’ parties usually include yummy homemade cupcakes or cake pops, cookies, and some healthier snacks like a creative fruit plate, veggie platter, and pretzels dipped in hummus. I try to balance the sugar with healthier snack options to give the kids a variety of snack choices.

Cute kids party ideas, cupcakes and cake pops - Mommy Scene

The secret to making cake pops

1. Mix a baked cake together with a tub of frosting. Form balls out of the mixture, stick a paper lollipop stick into each ball, and let them harden in the freezer for about an hour.

2. Melt Wilton chocolate candy melts in the microwave for a minute and a half, stirring in between 30 second intervals. I mixed a tablespoon of cooking oil into the chocolate to make it thinner and easier to drizzle.

3. Spoon the melted chocolate over each cake pop, twirling slowly. As you slowly twirl the cake pop, any excess chocolate will drip off and the remaining chocolate will set.

4. Decorate with sprinkles or candies before the cake pops fully harden.

Patience is the key! Twirling too fast will cause the cake pop to become unstable on the stick, and spooning too many layers of chocolate will cause it to get clumpy. Place the un-coated cake pop balls back in the freezer if they get too soft, and reheat the chocolate candy melts if the melted chocolate starts getting thick.

Adorable kids party cupcakes and cake pops - Mommy Scene

Tiny cupcakes and cake pops are a must-have for any kids’ party. Instead of making large amounts of both, I made an assortment of tiny treats. The whimsical decorations include berries, sprinkles, nerds candy, and sweet tarts.

It’s tough to get cake pops to stand up while they harden! We found this awesome cake pop stand which is a must-have if you make cake pops often. It’s also easy to disassemble and clean, and doubles as a cupcake display too!

Cute heart fruit plate for kids parties - Mommy Scene

Every party needs a cute fruit platter. Our heart fruit plate was easy to make with a strip of paper taped together to make a heart mold. Fill up the heart and then remove the paper to create a beautiful blueberry heart outline. The fruit platter was the first thing to be devoured by hungry little 3-year-olds. Yum!

Cute heart cake for kids party - Mommy Scene

My daughter also usually requests a cute cake for her parties. I can make cake pops, cupcakes and a small cake out of the same two boxes of cake mix. Easy win! I cut this heart cake out of a round sheet cake and frosted it with yummy strawberry icing. The raspberries and baking pearls are the perfect decorative touch!

What’s a kids’ party without chocolate covered strawberries? These are super easy to make; just wash strawberries, let them air dry, and dip them into melted chocolate chips. I added a bit of cooking oil to the melted chocolate chips to make the chocolate flow evenly. I also sprinkled on some chocolate sprinkles. Place the dipped strawberries on parchment paper to set.

Kids party chocolate covered strawberries - Mommy Scene

Paper Party Decor & Favors

A kids’ party needs fun party decor! For a Valentine’s Day party, we made easy DIY party decor from scrapbook paper hearts glued onto lengths of ribbon. Our super cool LED star light was a post-Christmas clearance buy. 70% off!

Fun kids party decor paper hearts - Mommy Scene

Cute double-sided paper hearts, looped onto our colorful rose chandelier.

Kids also like taking something home, so it’s fun to make cute party favors. These paper mustache and lips party favors are glued onto wooden skewers. If you have a photo booth at your party, these paper party favors can double as photo props!

Paper Mustache and Lips paper party favors and photo props - Mommy Scene

Kids’ parties can be super fun and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a fun memory with your kids. I hope you enjoyed our easy party planning tips!

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great ideas! I’m going to Pin this so that I will have for next year

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Such Awesome Ideas. Going to pin these for some added decor and food inspiration at my heart-themed baby shower. We are naming our daughter Love.


We usually celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special dinner made with heart-shaped goodies…but nothing as good as your wonderful ideas! The mini cupcakes and cake pops would definitely be a hit at our house!