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Great Gear for Chilly or Rainy Days

Where we live Winter can be a season of “cabin fever” with little ones at home. It takes a lot of effort to bundle them all up just to get outside for half an hour but it is always worth it! I’ve noticed that my kids always come back inside feeling refreshed from getting their energy out and breathing in the fresh air outdoors.

Rainy or snowy days can still be adventurous opportunities to play outside with some extra gear. And if we have to go somewhere, rain and snow gear is essential for staying warm on the go!

This post is sponsored by Kamik Kids. All opinions are our own.

Kamik Rain Boots for Kids - Mommy Scene

My kids seem to always ask to go outside when the weather is chilly. As long as we have time to bundle up, I don’t mind allowing my kids to explore the outdoors in less than ideal weather.

Kamik Kids Drizzly Rain Boots make it possible for kids to enjoy rainy adventures while still staying cozy. These warm kids’ rain boots are 100 percent waterproof and feature an adjustable collar and soft fleece lining for extra protection from the elements. These rubber rain boots are easy for kids to slip on and cinch up snug around their legs with the elastic cord.

The “Drizzly” rain boots that my son has been running around in these days (and loving) are royal blue and lined with cozy fleece. Awesome bonus feature on these boots: reflective patches for after dark!

Kamik Kids Glitzy Rain Boots - Mommy Scene

Kamik Kids Glitzy Rain Boots are classic and fancy with glitter waterproof rubber uppers and soles. The decorative side buckle adds a stylish flair!

My daughter loves the sparkle in her “Glitzy” rain boots in charcoal grey. The contrasting magenta on the sole and buckle adds another fun touch for my adventuresome girl. The glittery rain boots are Canadian-made and 100% recyclable as an extra bonus.

Kamik Kids Glitzy and Drizzly Rain Boots - Mommy Scene

The key to enjoying the outdoors in the winter temps is warm clothing and boots. Keeping kids’ feet warm and dry helps dramatically with keeping them at a comfortable temperature (and encouraging them to enjoy play time longer)! These 100% waterproof rain boots from Kamik are perfect for kids!

Kamik Kids Rain Boots - Mommy Scene

Kamik Kids Glitzy and Drizzly Waterproof Rain Boots

Mittyz by Veyo Kids

If your kids like to play outdoors in cold weather but don’t enjoy having cold fingers, Mittyz are a pretty ingenious solution. These mittens are simple for kids to slip their entire hand into and roomy enough for kids to still be able to grab objects with the gloves on. Mittyz keep a child’s entire hand warm and fingers all together. Parents no longer need to struggle to get their child’s thumb into the right spot with these innovative mittens. Mittyz by Veyo Kids come in a variety of styles with an EasyThumb shape and wrist strap to help prevent the mittens from falling off.

Mittyz by Veyo Kids innovative mittens - Mommy Scene

Hot Drinks for Kids

Once you come back inside it’s always fun to enjoy a hot drink on a cold day. My kids favorite hot drinks include caramel apple cider and homemade hot chocolate. These yummy drinks are easy to whip up in no time at all!

Caramel Apple Cider – Simply mix together hot apple juice with a spoonful of caramel sauce. Top with whipped cream for a special kid-friendly treat!

Homemade Hot Chocolate – Heat up milk and mix in 1-2 spoonfuls of sweetened coco powder. Top with whipped cream and a peppermint stick.

Kids Hot Drinks Caramel Apple Cider and Homemade Hot Chocolate - Mommy Scene

Kids will have lots of fun playing outside with the right gear and a few delicious post-playtime treats! Jumping in puddles, playing with mud and dancing in the rain — these activities are what childhood memories are made of!

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Judith Martinez
Judith Martinez
4 years ago

Those rain boots look so comfy!