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Inspiring Baby Costumes by Creative Parents

It doesn’t get cuter than these darling baby costumes. These kids perfectly capture magical world of Harry Potter; wands, cauldrons, Gryffindor house spirit, mandrakes and all! Other parents dressed their kids up as mermaids, an adorable lion and even a frappuccino!

Toddler Harry Potter and Baby Mandrake costume
The cry of a young mandrake is quite piercing. Photo credit:

Cute baby and toddler mermaid costumes

I don’t think we get through one day without playing mermaid in our house. My girls LOVE dressing up as mermaids and splashing around our house.

Baby lion halloween costume

This little lion costume is the most adorable king of the jungle! Brother and sister Starbucks enthusiasts make a perfect pair, dressed up in costumes as a baby Starbucks barista and a delicious frappuccino.

Baby and Toddler starbucks barist and frappuccino kids costumes

Beauty and the beast toddler belle costume and dog outfit

Stand aside for Belle and her Beast, the perfectly adorable pair! ♥

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