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Kids’ Easter Basket Gift Ideas under $15

Easter baskets are a fun way to celebrate Easter and the coming of spring! You can easily fill your kids’ Easter baskets with useful items that add value to your life without just adding clutter. I recently decluttered my girls room and discovered many small toys and accessories my kids didn’t really need. Too may toys just end up on the floor. This year I wanted to rethink my Easter basket gift giving so that I wouldn’t just waste money on random stuff. Kids enjoy surprises but moms can put together an Easter basket with small gifts that are useful too! Here are some fun Easter basket gift ideas for kids that cost less than $15.

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Easter basket gift ideas for kids from Orb Toys

Orb Toys offers many interactive activities for kids. My kids have enjoyed playing with Morph shape shifting fluff and Soft’n Slow Squishies that come in all sorts of fun shapes. We received a colorful Easter basket from Orb Toys which contained several soft squishable toys and some Orb slime.

Kids' Easter Basket Gift Ideas under $15

Artsy Easter basket gifts

Half the fun of an Easter basket is opening it and discovering the surprises! These practical Easter basket gifts are engaging for kids long past the day that their surprises are “new”.

Sensory Activities – We enjoy doing interactive sensory activities as part of our homeschool routine. My kids’ sensory playtime often includes molding shapes with homemade play dough or making a batch of DIY glitter slime. If we don’t have time to make something, the kids can easily play with any of Orb’s interactive toys including Morph shape shifting fluff, Orb Slimy or Braini Putti.

Playing with Orb Slimy kids gift idea

Orb Braini Putty bounces, melts, breaks apart if you pull it quickly and never dries out!

Art Supplies – My girls love markers, watercolor paints, colored pencils and gel pens. Art supplies encourage kids to design artistic creations and teach them drawing skills and creative thinking. My girls have been painting since they were toddlers and I love seeing their artistic abilities grow as they get older!

Squishy Collectible Toys – My girls definitely love toys but we end up with a lot of clutter; I try to buy toys that add to a collection. Kids of all ages enjoy collecting Soft’n Slow Squishies by Orb Toys! We have several treat shaped squishies that my girls use for tea parties and some other collectible characters. You can squish these toys all the way flat and watch them slowly rise back into shape.

Soft'n Slow Squishies Kid's Toys and Gift Ideas

Soft'n Slow Squishies Kid's Toys and Collectibles

Peeps Fruit Skewer Snacks

We also made a creative snack to celebrate spring! These Peeps fruit skewers are simple to create by arranging fresh fruit and colorful marshmallow Peeps on a wooden skewer. Fruit and Peeps snack sticks make snack time or a spring party extra fun!

Peeps Fruit Skewers fun Easter treat idea

Creative Peeps Fruit Skewers Easter snack

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Peeps Fruit Skewers for kids Easter treat ideas

How do you make Easter and spring celebrations fun for your kids?

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Angela Ricardo Bethea
Angela Ricardo Bethea
4 years ago

These Easter Basket are so cute and that is such a nice idea. Kids would really love this basket for sure.

Elizabeth O
Elizabeth O
4 years ago

These Easter baskets are such a lovely idea. I really like the fruit skewers you suggested they are a great idea.

4 years ago

Aww these are all such adorable ideas for Easter Baskets and I really appreciate how affordable they all are!!! I need to get some of that putty for my son, he’s absolutely love it!!