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Leaf Painting Fall Activity for Kids

Leaf Painting Fall Activity for Kids

When leaves start falling outside, it’s fun to turn them into art! This gorgeous leaf painting activity for kids is a fun idea to celebrate fall!

My kids enjoyed picking up leaves from our yard and choosing bright paint colors to decorate them with. Any opportunity to paint is always a win for kids!

Creative Leaf Painting for Kids

Easy Leaf Painting Art

Paint brush
Craft paint
Assortment of fallen leaves (dry but not crispy)

First clean off the leaves to remove dirt or dust. Place each leaf on a sheet of parchment paper. Paint each leaf with acrylic paint to transform them into beautifully natural fall art. Kids can make designs, paint each leaf a solid color, or design an assortment of patterns. You can even accent your painted leaf art with glitter!

Allow the painted leaves to fully dry before handling them. You can use pretty painted leaves for a table centerpiece, make a painted leaf garland, or create festive fall home decor!

Easy Leaf Painting Art for Kids

Colorful Leaf Painting Art for Kids Leaf painting is a fun fall kids’ project and a creative way to use fallen leaves for art!

Easy Leaf Painting Craft Project for Kids

My kids created a variety of colored leaves, some marble designs, and some painted leaves accented with glitter. Leaf painting inspires kids to be creative and also helps them practice their fine motor skills.

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Easy Leaf-Inspired Art for Kids

We hope you enjoy this fun leaf painting activity! Which leaf colors and designs will you create?

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