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Princess Party Ideas & Accessories

Princess Party Ideas & Accessories

Birthday parties are a fun reason to celebrate and create some crafty accessories and decorations! My daughter loves art projects and creating hats and crowns for her friends. These craft ideas are fun party accessories and easy for kids to design!

DIY Party Hat Cute Kid’s Craft

One of my daughter’s favorite things to bring to a party is a homemade party hat for the birthday girl. These cute DIY kids’ party hats are easy to make out of a sheet of card stock and a few decorative accents. A fun paper party hat makes the birthday girl or boy feel so special!

DIY Party Hat Cute Kid's Craft - Mommy Scene

Homemade Party Hat Cute Kid's Craft - Mommy Scene

To make a homemade paper party hat, roll up a sheet of cardstock into a cone. I tucked a piece of tulle in the top, before hot gluing the edges together. Using hot glue for kid’s crafts minimizes drying time. Win!

DIY paper party hat for birthdays - Mommy Scene

I cut off the bottom of this kid’s paper party hat to make it level, and glued on some decorative rhinestone trim. You could use all sorts of craft supplies to decorate your paper cone party hat; stickers, pom-poms, jewels, pipe cleaners, and more!

Cute homemade paper party hat - Mommy Scene

A homemade party hat is a fun afternoon project to do with kids!

DIY cute kid's party hat birthday girl - Mommy Scene

The little birthday girl looked darling in her homemade paper party hat. Next time you celebrate a birthday, design a custom homemade party hat for the birthday girl or birthday boy! Making homemade party hats is a very inexpensive and very fun kid’s craft and kids will love making a hat for their friends.

DIY Adhesive Sticker Jewels

Making sticker jewels is a fun craft project to do with glamorous little girls. You can stick them on your hands, arms, or face or use them in a more practical way to decorate homemade cards, Valentines, and craft projects. You can turn any rhinestones into sticker jewels by adding double-sided adhesive tape to the back of each rhinestone!

Easy DIY Sticker Jewels - Mommy Scene

To make your own sticker jewels, you just need an assortment of flat-back rhinestones and double sided adhesive. I used the standard adhesive squares often used for scrapbook photos. They are already cut into squares and are easy to trim around each rhinestone shape.

Make homemade sticker jewels - Mommy Scene

Simply attach an adhesive square to the back of a rhinestone, trim off any excess, and remove the backing when ready to use.

Make homemade adhesive sticker jewels - Mommy Scene

We used our homemade sticker jewels to decorate a cardboard crown for my three-year-old. She also had fun decorating her arms with sticker jewels. When the adhesive wears out, you can easily peel it off and replace it to use the sticker jewel again!

Make homemade sticker jewels with double sided tape - Mommy Scene

Sticker jewels are a lot of fun to make and play with! What will you decorate?

Fairy Glitter Jars

These fun fairy jars are easy to make with a cool VOSS plastic water bottle. Just fill it up with colored water, add some glitter and drop in some beads, rhinestones, and gems. Seal the VOSS bottle with a piece of tape. Shake it up and watch the glitter and gems swirl around the bottle!

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DIY Fairy Glitter Jars with VOSS Water Bottle - Mommy Scene

DIY Rose Crown

Easily make a DIY rose crown headband using flowers from your own garden. Any little girl will love wearing a fresh flower crown!

  • Cut a variety of fresh roses with long stems.
  • Trim all the thorns and cut off leaves that are too dense.
  • Arrange the roses and stems in a circle and secure them together with fishing line.
  •  To reinforce the crown, you can weave ribbon through the rose crown to keep it together.

DIY Fresh Flower Rose Crown - Mommy Scene

Easy as can be, this real rose crown took me less than 20 minutes to create. To maximize the freshness of our homemade crown of roses, I put it in the refrigerator when my daughter was not wearing it, keeping it pretty and fresh for about 1 day.

Are you planning a kids’ birthday party? Which of these fun Princess party ideas is your favorite?

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I will have to do these sticker jewels with my daughter. She is 3 1/2 and is really starting to get into things like this!

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These are so cute! I love the party hat idea.