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Simple Kids’ Style Tips

During the summer my girls beat the heat with cool tank tops and fun twirly summer dresses! Here are some of my daily tips for keeping my girls’ hair tangle free and kids’ clothes and shoes fresh, clean and ready for playtime.

This post was sponsored by Rock the Locks in exchange for complimentary product. All opinions are our own.

Stock Up on Practical Playwear

I love clothes that are cute but also appropriate for playing in the yard. My girls love playing outside on our grassy lawn, in our cute little kid’s playhouse and bouncing on our trampoline. They also love dressing up, which means their dress up clothing has to be play-friendly. One of my favorite brands is Matilda Jane Clothing; which regularly releases lots of darling little girl clothing styles!

Matilda Jane fashion playing in the yard - Mommy Scene

Matilda Jane dresses are accented with darling details and are perfect for twirling!

Regularly Spot Clean Clothing and Shoes for Stains

Treating stains shortly after they happen can make clothing last much longer. I even wipe out my kids’ shoes because they get muddy and sweaty. My girls love running around in bare feet and then putting on their shoes. Kids shoes are usually designed to last a long time but you can take extra care of them with regular cleanings.

Treat stains on clothing and shoes with Better Life Stain Remover - Mommy Scene

I like using Better Life Stain Remover to treat stains before laundering. It uses natural ingredients to loosen a stain so you can wash it out or scrub it off. I even spray the inside of my girls’ play shoes when they start getting a little dingy and the dirt stains come right off.

To remove stains on clothes, spray Better Life Stain Remover onto the stain, let it sit a few minutes, lightly agitate the stain (for especially dark stains) and toss the clothing into the laundry as usual. Most of the stains on my clothing come out when I pre-treat them before washing.

Regularly Care for Kids’ Hair Using Detangler

Girls’ hair can get very tangly, especially when it gets wet from the sprinkler and blown by the wind. We have a regular hair care routine in our home so the girls don’t have to deal with frustrating hair. We brush their hair every morning using a flexible wire hair brush and a kids’ hair detangler such as Rock the Locks. I especially like Rock the Locks detangler because it has a micro-misting spray bottle and the detangler smells like pineapple banana! Rock the Locks detangler is also paraben-free and doesn’t contain the chemicals commonly found in other hair care products. My girls love it!

Rock the locks helps detangle kids hair - Mommy Scene

Bed head is no fun when you have curly hair! Rock the Locks detangler is an easy way to brush my little girl’s hair free of tangles every morning.

Rock the Locks kids' hair care - Mommy Scene

Rock the Locks makes taking care of kids' hair easy! - Mommy Scene

Rock the Locks makes taking care of kids’ hair easy! This natural detangler can help style mommy’s hair too!

Kids hair styling tips - Mommy Scene

DIY Little Girl Dress Strap Tie Back

Just like moms, little girls can have clothing that doesn’t fit exactly right. When that happens with my girls, I try to figure out a fix that will allow them to enjoy their clothing and feel comfortable in it. The most common problem with twirly dresses is that the straps can fall off the shoulder, which is an annoying thing to constantly have to pull back up. While on vacation, we used hair ties to make convenient little strap tie backs so my girls could run around in their dresses without the straps falling down!

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DIY Dress Tie Back with a hair band - Mommy Scene

Tie Back Materials

  • Hair tie — we used a wide style elastic hair band
  • Bow or flower hair clip

Make a easy dress strap tie back with an elastic hair band - Mommy Scene

To make a simple dress strap tie back, loop a hair band around the straps at the back of your little girl’s dress and bring one end through the other to form a tethered loop. Attach a hair bow or flower clip around the loop to prevent it from pulling back through. Super cute and your little girl’s straps will never fall down again!

Elastic hair band and hair clip dress strap tie back - Mommy Scene

Easy DIY elastic hair band dress strap tie back - Mommy Scene

Easy DIY dress strap tie back using a hair band and hair clip.

Easy hair band dress strap tie back - Mommy Scene

It’s easy to problem-solve kids’ fashion and hair emergencies. As kids get older it’s fun to discover their preferences and styles as they begin to pick out their own clothing. Teaching kids how to take care of their own hair, clean up their rooms, and put away their clothing is a great way to practice everyday skills that will serve kids their whole lives!

Easy way to tie back dress straps little girl at the beach - Mommy Scene

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